Robinson Wheels to Victory at VIR



Derek Robinson took the victory the last time the Pro Series East division ran a road course, and he would dominate again as the series took to the VIR North Road Course for 20 laps of action.

Just 4 cars took the grid on the evening, mainly in part due to not a lot of drivers owning the track, and because VIR is one of the toughest road courses to tackle. But Robinson would be in control from practice on through the race.

Robinson picked up the pole over second place Matt Rolfe, and he would jump out to the early start and never looked back. Behind him, the other drivers settled in where they started and tried to log laps without incidents. But that would be hard to do as all drivers found their way off course more than once during the race, including the leader.

As Rolfe settled into 2nd, 3rd place driver Aaron walker would try to put pressure on Rolfe multiple times, but he would find trouble himself. Early in the race, Scott Dunlap slipped off the track which seemed to set him back for the rest of the run as well.

But it would be Robinson who kept his car on track the most, and the cleanest, as he sailed onto the victory. His win would be his 2nd of the PSE season. Rolfe, Walker, and Dunlap would round out the finishing order.

With the points leader, Mike Belanger, missing the race, Matt Rolfe would take over the points lead.

Next week the series heads back to a familiar style track at the Irwindale Speedway. For tonight’s full results and standings, click HERE.