Week Four Power Rankings



Better late than never, let’s take a look at the Power Rankings from last week. (Last night’s Legends race is not included in these rankings, only week 4’s races have been taken into consideration.)

In this week’s rankings, we take a look back of Week 4 of the season which saw the Legends and Street Stocks have some great races, while the Pro Late Models and Super Late Models had a tough week.

Here’s the Week 4 Power Rankings:

10. Jeff Ramsdell (Prev Rank: NR (+))
Jeff has had a strong start to the Pro Late Model season after he missed the week 1 race. After that, he’s posted 4 straight top 10’s and 3 of them being top 5’s. In this past week’s Twin 75 races at Lanier, he started off with a 9th place finish. Then he backed it up with a 4th place in the 2nd race of the night. Also despite missing a race, Jeff has also made it up into 5th in the standings. We’ll look for Jeff to continue to knock out top 10’s and top 5’s as the season goes on.

9. Justin Brooks & Jeff Bye Jr. (Prev Rank: 2nd & 3rd (-7 & -6))
Both Justin and Jeff missed last week’s races, which drops them down out of their top 3 spots in these rankings. But as good as these two drivers have been, it’s too hard to completely drop them out as we look for them to keep running strong in the races they join. Justin has been strong in every division, and Jeff has been running up front in each of the previous SLM races.

8. Adam Jordan (Prev Rank: 10 (+2))
Last week we ranked Adam at #10 in the Power Rankings due to his strong start to the Street Stock Season. He is one of only two drivers to post top 10’s in all 4 races so far, with 3 of them being top 5’s. Last week he ended the race in the 4th position, and while he lost 2 points in the standings, he still sits just 6 points back fully in contention for the points lead. Last year’s SS champion proved that consistency pays off, and so far Adam is continuing that trend.

7. James Linkiewicz (Prev Rank: 8th (+1))
James had a decent week overall, but the highlight of his week was the Super Late Model race at Martinsville as he ended up with a 5th place finish. That finish was enough to move him into the top 5 in the SLM standings, which goes along with his top 5 in the Pro Late Model standings as well. His other finishes this week were a 13th in the Street Stocks, and a 9th and 11th in the two PLM races at Lanier. We’ll look to see if James can continue to improve in the standings like he’s done each week so far.

6. Clay Snider (Prev Rank: 7th (+1))
Clay moves up 1 spot in the Power Rankings following last week’s races. He started off pretty well with a 4th place finish in the Legends race at COTA, and a 8th place in the Street Stocks after running up front all race long. Then in the SLM race, he started off pretty well winning his heat race and starting on the pole, but later in the race he would find trouble battling with a teammate, more than once, and he would end up with a 12th place finish. The motto remains the same with Clay, if he can avoid trouble, he’s plenty capable of running near the front of the field. He continues to lead the Legends point standings.

5. Brian Tedeschi (Prev Rank: 9th (+4))
Brian did have some bad races this week as he finished 11th in the Legends and 26th in the Super Late Models. But his other 3 races were very stout. He worked up to a 2nd place finish in the Street Stocks, and then backed that up with two strong races in the Twin 75’s. A 3rd place finish in race 1, and a 6th place finish in race 2 moved Brian up into the PLM points lead.  He also sits 3rd in the SS standings, just 12 points out. Brian continues to run up front and we’ll look to see if he can hang up front in the points standings across the board.

4. Jacob Linkiewicz (Prev Rank: 4th (+0))
Once again Jacob comes in at #4 in the rankings. He’s shown the speed that he can run up front in each division, but he had a couple bad races this week. He finished 16th in the Street Stocks and 27th in one of the Pro Late Model races. But in the other Pro Late Model race, he worked his way up to a strong 4th place finish. He also had a decent race in the Super Late Models with an 11th place finish, which was enough to move him up into 2nd in the SLM points. We look for Jacob to rebound from his tough races last week and if he can hang at the top of the SLM standings.

3. Matt Rolfe (Prev Rank: 6th (+3))
Matt moves up into 3rd in the rankings, mostly due to two other drivers missing the races last week, but he had some decent finishes which were enough to keep him near the top of the point standings in 3 different divisions. He started off with a 5th in the Legends which moved him up to 4th in those points, and a 3rd in the Street Stocks was enough to hold onto the points lead in that division by just 6 points. His Pro Late Model finishes of 7th and 12th were decent and he still hangs onto 3rd in those standings as well. His Super Late Model race didn’t go quite as well though as he ended up on his roof on lap 1 on pit road. But with Matt still near the top of the points in a couple of divisions, he’s continues to be in contention to defend his 2 championships from last season.

2. Kenny Lindsley (Prev Rank: 5th (+3))
Kenny ran in both of the Twin 75 races this past week and posted some impressive finishes in both races. He started off with a 2nd place finish in race 1 after leading some laps, and then had to work from deeper in the field to get up to his 3rd place finish in race 2. His podium finishes were enough to move him all the way up from 12th in the standings, to number 2 in the points after last week’s race. Kenny has been running near the front each week and we look for him to continue to run strong.

1. Trey Jarrell (Prev Rank: 1st (+0))
Another week, another win for Trey. He ran just one race this week, but he made it count as he worked his way up from his 12th place starting spot in the Super Late Model race, and grabbed the lead during a long green flag run. He never looked back and went on to win his 3rd SLM win in 4 races. He’s currently 90 points ahead of 2nd place in the points standings, and we don’t expect him to take it easy now. As long as Trey keeps winning races, it’s going to be tough for him to be knocked off the top spot.

New This Week: Name – Finishes
Jeff Ramsdell – 4th & 9th PLM

Dropped Out: None