Sim Marketing Solutions All-Star Clash Announced!


The Clash is back once again!

Sim Marketing Solutions All-Star Clash - Thursday, August 23 Irwindale Speedway - 150 Laps
Once our 2018 Summer Season champions are crowned and the season is wrapped up, we have one more special event planned to wrap things up as Sim Marketing Solutions will present the All-Star Clash! Our version of an all-star race will put some of the leagues best drivers from the SMS Super Series, the Davis Chassis Works Contender Series, the Callaway Investments Sportsman Series, and the EastWest Modifieds, and we'll throw them all out on track together to compete head-to-head in an epic multi-class race for some extra prize money.

The SMS All-Star Clash will take place on Thursday, August 23rd and will use a special Predator format to give each division the chance to battle for the win at the end of 150 laps around the Irwindale Speedway. The Street Stocks will take the green flag as scheduled, while the Super Late Models and Tour Modifieds will be staged out at different times shortly after, forcing them to work their way back to the lead lap, with the ultimate goal of all three cars finishing the race on the same lap. And with the added strategy of making a mandatory four-tire pit stop during the course of the race, it makes it that much more important to be focused on the track, and on pit road.


Dirt Clash & Clash Open

Dirt Clash - Wednesday, August 22 Eldora Speedway - Laps TBA
In addition to the All-Star Clash, we’ll also be running a Dirt Clash for the first time, on Wednesday, August 22nd. The Dirt Clash will kick things off with drivers battling it out at the Eldora Speedway in multiple divisions, including our current UMP Modifieds and Midgets, plus some of our previous cars such as the Pro Late Model and Non-Wing Sprint car.

Clash Open - Wednesday, August 22 Irwindale Speedway - 100 Laps
Following the dirt race, we’ll also run the Clash Open, which will be an open event for all asphalt drivers as a pre-event to the big All-Star Clash. Drivers already in the Clash can use this event as a test, while all other drivers who didn’t get the invite can get their chance to try their hand in this all-out battle. The Open will be 100 laps in length at Irwindale, with a mandatory four-tire pit stop, and we’ll use some of the information from this event to work out the numbers for our Predator format.


All-Star Clash Invited Drivers - 40 Drivers Total

  • Super Series
    Joe Schaffer Jr.
    Jim Caudill Jr.
    Jimmy Mullis
    David Krikorian
    Keith Medeiros
    Camaron Hamilton
    Ryan Matthews
    Trevor Edwards
  • Contender Series
    Gareth Gonder
    Daniel Williamson
    Jarrid Boiros
    Chris Canfield
    Evan Sorensen
    AJ Rogers
    Jason K Miller
    Travis McKinney
    Mark Royer
    Tyler Price
    Cory Dunn
    Jarrad Wakefield
  • Sportsman Series
    Tim Bills
    Russell Charneski
    Kyle Souza
    Darrell Hamlin
    Justin Wariner
    TJ White
    Russell Berry
    Kyle Morse
    Adam Benefiel
  • Tour Modifieds
    Conner Blaise
    Adam Josselyn
    Donald Clark
    Matt Rolfe
    Matt Eddy
    Mark Welch
    Samuel Roush
    Ian Layne
    Scott Dunlap
    Dave Bodio


Event Schedule & Info

WEATHER FORECAST (all 3 races)
78 Degrees, 55% Humidity, 3mph Winds SE, Overcast Skies

Time Of Day Settings
All-Star Clash & Clash Open - Late Afternoon
Dirt Clash - Night

Thursday, August 23
(All times eastern)
9:15 PM - Practice Opens
9:45 PM - Qualifying Begins
- Drivers will switch sessions following qualifying -
9:55 PM - Warmup
10:05 PM - Race
11:00 PM - Race Ends (approximately)

Wednesday, August 22
(All times eastern)
9:30 PM - Practice Opens
9:45 PM - Qualifying Begins
9:50 PM - Race

Wednesday, August 22
(All times eastern)
10:10 PM - Practice Opens
10:30 PM - Qualifying Begins
10:35 PM - Race
11:10 PM - Race Ends (approximately)


To view the last version of our All-Star Clash from the end of the 2016 Fall Season, check out the replay below: