Robinson Returns to Victory Lane in Iowa



Last season’s MRD Pro Late Model Series champion, Derek Robinson, visited victory lane 6 times last season, but came into the night winless so far in 2014. He would have a battle on his hands though, as his Turn4Racing teammates all ran up front with him giving him a run for his money.

Matt Rolfe would pick up the pole on the night, but it was Clay Snider that would come around and lead the first two laps, only to give it up to Robinson on lap 3. Robinson would lead until lap 55 where Snider would retake the the top spot. From there, Snider and Rolfe would exchange the lead a number of times before Rolfe would find himself in a spin cycle after clipping the apron as he was passing for the lead.

This left Snider and Robinson to be the only two left to battle it out. With just 8 laps to go, Robinson would work his way onto the outside of Snider, and made the pass as the two nearly wrecked each other off turn 4. From there Robinson would hang onto the lead for the remaining laps and would pick up his first PLM victory of the season. Snider finished 2nd with James Linkiewicz, Anthony Celentano, and  James Moss rounding out the top 5.

  1. Derek Robinson
  2. Clay Snider
  3. James Linkiewicz
  4. Anthony Celentano
  5. James Moss
  6. Gary Belling
  7. Matt Rolfe
  8. Russell Berry
  9. Jarrett Lawrence
  10. Kevin J Myers
  11. Scott Dunlap
  12. Sean Medling
  13. Carey Bockting
  14. Jacob Linkiewicz