Majeski Tops Large Legends Field at Langley



The NEO Racing News Legends League came out in full force at Langley Speedway tonight, as the 25-car garage quickly filled up as cars made laps for tonight’s 50-lap feature event. By the end of practice all 25 cars had put down some lap times, with the first 23 cars all separated by less than a half of a second from the leader. When qualifying got under way, Ty Majeski picked up his second straight Legends pole, just .055 seconds ahead of Parker Traves in 2nd.

When the feature event got under way, 23 drivers took the green flag, with Majeski getting the jump. He would pull out to the lead with Traves falling in behind him, with Matt Rolfe in tow behind them in 3rd. They would each be separated by about half a second in the early laps before a yellow flag on lap 5 would bunch the field back up. This time the top 3 drivers would all fall back in line and pull away once again. Kevin Berg restarted in 4th and pressured Rolfe on the outside, but would then get shuffled back as James Poleske and Kevin J Myers each got by him on the inside.

The next restart would once again see one of the front runners get shuffled on the outside, as this time Rolfe was able to jump up to 2nd, leaving Traves on the outside to fall back a few positions. Rolfe would stay close to Majeski for a few laps before Majeski began to pull away as the run went on.

More action occurred on the next restart as a couple of front runners would get turned around. Myers came off of turn 4 in the 5th spot but on corner exit his car would get up into the front stretch wall, causing a few cars behind him to make contact. This incident would involve Myers, Traves, Jarrid Boiros and a couple of others, essentially ending their shots at a good run. Brian Tedeschi would benefit from the wreck moving up into the 5th spot, as some other drivers were able to get by and gain spots up into the top 10 such as Clay Snider, Bill Martin, Mike Rhyno, Patrick Hahe, and Joshua Kotten.

The final restart would come on lap 44, and once again Majeski got the jump and pulled out in front of the pack. This time Rolfe couldn’t hang onto the 2nd spot and moved in behind Poleske who got the jump on the inside. Tedeschi was also able get a good jump on the bottom and pulled ahead of Berg for the 4th spot.

The caution would fly the next lap, which would allow Majeski to come around and take the checkered and yellow flags. This would be Majeski’s 2nd Legends win of the season, and his 8th career SARA victory. The rest of the top five would finish in the order just listed, with Polekse in 2nd, Rolfe in 3rd, and Tedeschi and Berg rounding out the top 5. Snider would end up with a 7th place finish, which resulted with him losing a few points off his lead, but he continues to sit on top of the standings, 98 points ahead of Rolfe. As the season winds down, and drop week’s come into effect, Snider’s lead should shrink and the points battle should be closer than ever amongst the top few drivers.

  1. Ty Majeski
  2. James Poleske
  3. Matt Rolfe
  4. Brian Tedeschi
  5. Kevin Berg
  6. Bill Martin
  7. Clay Snider
  8. Patrick Hahe
  9. Mike Rhyno
  10. Joshua Kotten
  11. Stan Bragg Jr
  12. Daniel Vining
  13. Mike Belanger
  14. Ken Belanger
  15. Todd Sipe
  16. Jarrid Boiros
  17. Todd Cousins
  18. Forrest Gregg
  19. Parker Traves
  20. Kevin J Myers
  21. Tristan Haider
  22. Jason Miller
  23. Christian PaHud

Next week the division heads back road course racing as they head to Okayama for a 12 lap feature on the Short course.

For the full results and standings, click HERE.