Week Seven Power Rankings



Week 7 provided plenty of action across the board last week as all 4 divisions headed to 4 different kinds of tracks. In this week’s Power Rankings, we take a look back at week 7, and see how the driver’s fared during the diverse weekly schedule.

Here’s the Week 7 Power Rankings:

10. Stan Bragg Jr (Prev Rank: NR (+))
Stan started racing with us at the end of May, and the last couple of week’s he has entered into all four divisions each week, putting in some impressive runs during that time. One thing that adds to Stan’s good runs, is the fact that he does it after usually electing to start at the rear of the field to avoid some of the early incidents. This past week, his worst finish of the week came in the Legends race on the NHMS mini-oval with an 11th, but finished off the rest of the week strongly. He placed 6th in the Street Stocks and the Super Late Models, with his best finish of the week coming in the Pro Late Models with a strong 3rd place finish. With these impressive runs, it would be interesting to see what Stan could do if he started at the front of the field rather than starting in the back.

9. Matt Rolfe (Prev Rank: 6th (-3))
Matt had another tough week during week 7. In the legends he was running up front before a spin on a restart would drop him back to a 9th place finish, and his other finishes weren’t any better. He wound up 16th in both the Street Stocks and Super Late Models, and a 14th in the Pro Late Models. He does however still lead the Street Stock points standings, but he’ll need to pick up the pace as the field behind him was able to make up some ground in the standings. We’ll look for Matt to rebound in all divisions, especially in the Street Stocks where he won the Langley event last season.

8. Brian Tedeschi (Prev Rank: 4th (-4))
Brian was #4 in our rankings last week after a few good finishes, but this week he wouldn’t have that same luck. He did pick up a 5th place finish in the Street Stocks to pick up some points on the points leader. But he didn’t get the results he was looking for in the other races as he got caught up in some wrecks. In the Legends he ended up with a 12th place finish, and in the Late Models and Super Late Models, both finishes were outside the top 20 which ended up with him losing the points lead in the Pro Late Models. We’ll look to see if he can rebound this week and improve his finishes across the board.

7. Jacob Linkiewicz (Prev Rank: 5th (-2))
Jacob drops to #7 this week in the rankings, but not because he had any horrible races, but some other drivers skipped over him. He didn’t have the strong runs he was looking for, but he did pick up a couple of decent finishes despite having some wounded race cars. He would end up 9th in the Pro Late Models, and 13th in the Super Late Models. With Trey Jarrell missing the SLM race this week, Jacob is now within striking distance as he sits 2nd in those points. But he’ll have to avoid trouble this week to make sure he stays up there in the points down the stretch of the season.

6. Clay Snider (Prev Rank: 8th (+2))
Clay jumps up a couple spots this week in the rankings as the last two weeks he had just some average finishes. But this week he wouldn’t finish any worse than 10th in the three races he ran, averaging a finish of 6.3 last week. He got caught up in the last lap wreck in the Legends but somehow came back around in the 3rd spot at the line. In the street stocks he finished 10th, and in the Pro Late Models he was able to miss the late wreck that took out a couple of top cars and he worked up into a 6th place finish. We’ve been saying that if Clay can avoid the wrecks, he’s plenty capable of knocking off top 10’s which he proved this week (he is the league leader in top 10’s with 169, or 78% of his starts). He continues to lead the Legends points standings as well.

5. James Linkiewicz (Prev Rank: 9th (+4))
James had a decent week last week but we said that he would need to pick up a couple of good finishes as he was in danger of falling out of these rankings. And he definitely picked it up as he ended up with a pair of 4th place finishes in the Pro Late Models and the Super Late Models. The good finishes moves him up to 3rd in the SLM points, and remains at 3rd in the PLM standings closing the gap to just 11 points away from the points lead. We’ll see if James can carry this momentum into Langley this week and pick off a couple more good finishes.

4. Justin Brooks (Prev Rank: 7th (+3))
Justin had a rough week last week in the couple of starts that he had, but to no surprise he rebounded with a couple of great finishes. He took home a 3rd place in the Street Stocks, and then ran his first Super Late Model race of the season and won it in dominating fashion, leading all 125 laps at New Smyrna. Justin always runs up front unless he runs into any kind of trouble, so we’ll look to see what kind of strong runs he puts together this week at Langley.

3. Kenny Lindsley (Prev Rank: 2nd (-1))
Kenny once again started his week off with another strong run in the Pro Late Models as he picked up a top 5 finish. And with Tedeschi having some bad luck, Kenny was able to take over the points leads and now leads by just 1 point heading into this week’s race. His Super Late Model race wouldn’t go quite as well however as he got involved in an early incident and ended up with a 25th place finish. Kenny is another driver that can usually be found near the front of the field, so we’ll see if he can avoid trouble this week in the SLM, and keep up the pace in the PLM race.

2. Ty Majeski (Prev Rank: 3rd (+1))
Ty made the jump up to 2nd this week in the rankings, as he picked up another win in the Street Stock race at Concord. He also had a couple of strong runs going in the Legends and Pro Late Models, as he was running 2nd in each before getting caught up in late race restart crashes. He finished in 4th in the Legends, but ended up back in 19th for the Pro Late Models. We’ll see if Ty can avoid the wrecks this week and we’ll be looking to see if he can pick another win (or wins) at Langley.

1. Trey Jarrell (Prev Rank: 1st (+0))
Trey did end up missing this past week’s Super Late Model race at New Smyrna due to some real life racing commitments, but he’s been impressive enough during the first 6 weeks of the season as he still hangs onto a 37 point lead in the SLM standings, despite missing a race. This was the first week all season long that Trey wasn’t a feature winner in at least one division, but we have no doubt that he’ll be contending to start up a new streak this week at Langley.

New This Week: Name – Finishes
Stan Bragg Jr. – 11th Legends, 6th SS, 3rd PLM, 6th SLM

Dropped Out: Name – Finishes
Todd Garren – 20th PLM, 22nd SLM