Majeski Takes Control for Langley PLM Victory



Thirty drivers brought their Pro Late Models out to Langley Speedway tonight, to attempt to qualify for the 125-lap feature event. But with just 25 positions available on the starting grid, it meant that 5 cars would be sent home before even getting the chance to race. 23 drivers would make the race based on their qualifying times, while two drivers would get in with a provisional based on points. Qualifying times were tight, as the top 23 cars were all separated by under a half of a second. At the top of the charts was Ty Majeski with a lap time of 15.138 seconds, with Ron Hagolin starting 2nd on the grid next to him.

At the drop of the green, Majeski would get the jump and would bring the field around for the first lap. Matt Rolfe got the jump on the inside moving up into 2nd, while Jarrid Boiros moved up into 3rd as he was making his first Pro Late Model start since November of 2013. After a quick restart, Boiros got the jump to move into 2nd but Rolfe would grab the spot back just a few laps later as the two looked to battle it out in the early laps. Behind them, and number of drivers were ready to pounce though, as Kevin Myers, Kenny Lindsley and Tyler Hudson all ran in the top 5 early on.

Through the first couple of early restarts, the key to picking up spots was being on the inside, as the drivers on the outside struggled to find a way down to the bottom and would get shuffled back. Myers made his way up into 2nd after an early restart and looked to pressure Majeski in the early laps, but the 91 was too strong and continued to pull away on each run. From 3rd to 10th, there were plenty of battles, as they would all run basically nose-to-tail for a number of laps. Hudson and Lindsley would battle, with James Poleske and Bill Martin right there in the mix, and Jeff Ramsdell, Rolfe and Todd Garren not far behind them.

As the run went on, Myers looked to be a solid 2nd place car, but he would get moved back to 4th after a slight contact, and as he tried making his way back up, he would get loose off of turn 4 and into the wall on lap 83. A similar incident would happen with Hudson later in the race as he too couldn’t quite save it and spun from his 2nd place position in the closing laps. As the top 5 cars were all so close in speed during the longer runs, except Majeski who would pull away out front, driver’s were pushing their cars to the limits as they battled near the front of the field.

The final restart saw Majeski once again pull away to a sizable lead right away off the restart, and as the late caution came out, he would bring the field around to pick up his 4th PLM victory of the season. Lindsley would move up to 2nd at the end to finish off a strong race, while Todd Garren would come from the 17th starting spot to take the 3rd spot on the podium. Jeff Ramsdell came from the 14th spot to take home 4th, while Rolfe made his way back up at the end to finish 5th. With Lindsley’s 2nd place finish, he would extend his points lead to 21 points, but Majeski now moves into the 2nd spot with another win in the books.

  1. Ty Majeski
  2. Kenny Lindsley
  3. Todd Garren
  4. Jeff Ramsdell
  5. Matt Rolfe
  6. Bill Martin
  7. Kevin Myers
  8. James Poleske
  9. James Linkiewicz
  10. Jacob Linkiewicz
  11. Landon Huffman
  12. Clay Snider
  13. Russell Berry
  14. Matthew Eddy
  15. Brian Tedeschi
  16. Jarrid Boiros
  17. Anthony Celentano
  18. Darren Daves
  19. Mike Belanger
  20. Tyler Hudson
  21. Ron Hagolin
  22. Mac Cowan
  23. Stan Bragg
  24. Trent Brown
  25. Ken Belanger

DNS: Tim Bills, Vince Kuelbs, Brandon Anglemyer, Lee Bedsaul, Brandon Wilkinson

Next week the series makes it’s first ever trip to a track that requires right hand turns, as they visit Watkins Glen for a 25-minute timed event.

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