Brooks Ends the Streak at The Rock



The MRolfeDesigns Pro Late Model Series made their first ever trip to the Rockingham Speedway tonight, as 27 drivers brought their cars out to tackle “The Rock”. Also for the first time, the series ran their new handicapping system on the starting grid which placed drivers that have finished well so far this season at the back of the starting grid, while drivers that have had back luck and bad finishes, and gave them the chance to start up front.

The handicap would place Ronald Kirk and David Krikorian on the front row to start things off, and at the drop of the green Krikorian would jump out to the lead, but he would never get the chance to run away during the early laps as the caution flew four times in the early stages of the race. The early wrecks would end some cars’ nights early while dropping others to the back of the field. But once the field settled down after about lap 25, this would allow the cars up front the chance to see what they could do with their opportunities while it also gave some of the faster cars that had started out back, the chance to work their way up through the field.

On the restart on lap 24, Krikorian was holding off the top spot over Brian Tedeschi, Ronald Williams and Anthony Celentano, but it wouldn’t take long for Justin Brooks and Trey Jarrell to work their way towards the front of the field. The two of them would take over 2nd and 3rd  by lap 39 and they would begin their pursuit on Krikorian who was trying to extend his lead as much as he could out front. As the laps wound down, the leaders began to catch lapped traffic, and as they diced through the back of the pack a lapped car would get tangled with Jarrell who was running third which would end his chances at a 3-peat to start the season.

With Jarrell in trouble, this left Krikorian and Brooks to battle it out after the final restart, and the two drivers would exchange the lead with 5 laps to go as Brooks moved Krikorian up the track to grab the lead. Then as they came around for the final lap, Krikorian would get one more shot at the win, but it would be Brooks that was able to hold him off by just .053 seconds to pick up his first PLM victory of the season. Krikorian ended up in 2nd, while Jeff Ramsdell worked his way up from the 18th position to finish in 3rd. Tedeschi ended up 4th after hanging near the front all night, with Jacob Linkiewicz rounding out the top 5. Jarrell hangs onto the lead in the standings by 27 points.

  1. Justin Brooks
  2. David Krikorian
  3. Jeff Ramsdell
  4. Brian Tedeschi
  5. Jacob Linkiewicz
  6. Darrell Hamlin
  7. Anthony Celentano
  8. Ronald Williams
  9. Scott Dunlap
  10. Clay Snider
  11. Trey Jarrell
  12. Mitchell Cowan
  13. Kenneth Lindlsey
  14. James Linkiewicz
  15. Matt Rolfe
  16. Jared Fountain
  17. Ken Belanger
  18. Ty Majeski
  19. Jake Poulin
  20. Ronald Kirk
  21. Stan Bragg Jr
  22. Scott Wanbaugh
  23. Todd Garren
  24. Derek Robinson
  25. Lee Bedsaul
  26. James Poleske
  27. Riley Miller

Next week the series makes the trip to Lanier for their first round of Twin 75 lappers.

For full results and standings, click HERE.