2019 Fall Brawl Favorites, Dark Horses & Qualifying Order


Tonight is Pole Night for the Super Late Mode division, in the 5th Annual H&H Sign Supply Fall Brawl Spectacular. With a stacked entry list looking to lock their way into the 250-lap main event, we have ranked the drivers from "Favorites" down to "Dark Horses". With 53 total entries, it will be a task for drivers just to make the show, as over 20 cars will be sent home early.

Here's how we stacked up the entry list:

(*These rankings are for fun, unofficial, and for entertainment purposes only. Drivers are listed in ABC order by first name, in each category.*)

The Favorites

The drivers listed below should be expected to be seen at the front of the field, leading laps and contending for the win. These 7 drivers combine for nearly 220 career SARA victories, and will be looking to add their names to the list of Fall Brawl Winners.

- Alex McCollum - Alex has been extremely fast as of late, picking up a Super Series win to close out the Summer Season, and he just added another one last week at Myrtle Beach.

- Colin Allman - Colin picked up a win and a 2nd place finish last time the Super Series ran at Five Flags during the Summer Season, and is usually running up inside the top five on any given night. Best Fall Brawl finish: 19th

- Dallas Pataska - Dallas has consistently shown he has speed in qualifying, racking up a number of poles over the last couple seasons, and finally broke through last season and added a couple wins as well. Best Fall Brawl finish: 3rd

- Devon Morgan - Devon is the defending Super Series champion from the Summer Season, with a couple wins and never finishing outside of the top 4, plus he's been adding wins on both asphalt and dirt consistently. Best Fall Brawl finish: 30th

- Jimmy Mullis - Jimmy is a Super Series champion as well and continues to be a top driver in the series each week, recently picking up a win in the season opener at NHMS. Best Fall Brawl finish: 2nd

- Joe Schaffer Jr. - Joe is a multi-time SARA champion, including 4 Super Series titles. He also just recently notched his 50th career SARA victory with a win at Oxford in the Summer Season. Best Fall Brawl finish: 5th

- Ty Majeski - Ty has a couple Fall Brawl wins to his name, but they've come in the support divisions. The Super Late Model victory has eluded him so far, but with the most wins in SARA history, Ty should be a threat. Best Fall Brawl finish: 2nd

In Contention

The drivers listed below should be expected to have solid runs and will likely run near the top half of the field. Under the right circumstances, it wouldn't be a surprise if any of these guys ended up in victory lane or on the podium.

- Brandon Wilkinson - Brandon has been super consistent of late in the Super Series, with 8 straight top 10 finishes. He's also been pretty good in major events over the past year. Best Fall Brawl finish: 4th

- Derek Robinson - While Derek has been spending his SLM days in the Contender Series lately, he's been one of the most consistent Fall Brawl drivers over the years with a pair of top 10's and no finishes worse than 14th. Best Fall Brawl finish: 4th

- Dylan Bates - Dylan has improved quite a bit recently, and has moved up into the Super Series where his speed has continued to show, including in his runner up finish in the season opener at NHMS.

- Ian Layne - Ian took a long break from SARA competition, but since his return, he's been fast nearly every week. He picked up a SLM victory in our Fall Mini-Season and also won the championship for that 4 week series. Best Fall Brawl finish: 8th

- Jacob Harberts - Jacob has been pretty good in the Contender Series, usually battling inside the top five and for wins in the series. That kind of speed should translate over into a bigger event like the Fall Brawl.

- Kyle Ely - Kyle is another driver that has been strong in the Contender Series, and has used that to move up into the Super Series where he has three top 10's in just 5 starts so far.

- Samuel Roush - Last season probably didn't go as well as he would have liked. But we know his team has speed, and he's coming off back-to-back 5th place finishes in the Fall Brawl, so he should have a pretty good run once again in this year's event. Best Fall Brawl finish: 5th

- Ty Spearman - Not to pick on Ty, but it's been a while since he's reach victory lane in SARA. Since his last win however, he's had a bunch of top 5's and top 10's in both the Super Series and Contender Series, and he's had strong runs in the Fall Brawl before. Best Fall Brawl finish: 8th

In The Mix

The drivers listed below should have a good shot at making the race, and as long as they qualify, the could have some decent runs. They may or may not contend for the win, but someone on this list could definitely break thru for a strong finish.

- Brad Mahar - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 17th

- Briar LaPradd

- Chris Canfield - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 18th

- Cole Cabre

- Colton Davis

- Daniel Pope II

- Dante Curtis

- Devon Rogers - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 15th

- Donald Clark - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 15th

- Fred Moreau

- James Mihlbachler

- JD Laird

- Justin Trombley

- Keith Jeffery

- Keith Medeiros - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 26th

- Kyle Souza - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 9th

- Matt Eddy - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 9th

- Matt Rolfe - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 6th

- Russell Brown Jr.

- Ryan Blanchard

- Will Drevicky

Dark Horses

The drivers listed below were voted on as Dark Horses, either for being somewhat unknown/new to the league, or at times these drivers haven't quite shown us recently that they can run consistently up front. But we hope they can surprise us.

Brian Korlacki

- Donovan Strauss

- Dylan Little

- Garrett Konrath - Best Fall Brawl finish: 9th

- Jonathan Shafer

- Ken Morin

- Kenny Brady

- Kolby Baker

- Logan Rumsey

- Mark Royer

- Max Brady

- Michael Fenlason Jr.

- Phillip Martin

- Preston Bores

- Shawn Cool

- Trevor Clement

Time Trials Qualifying Order

  1. 40 Jimmy Mullis - Lockdown Racing / JDR Graphics, Sim Seats, Sunoco Racing, Richmond Raceway
  2. 54 Kenny Brady - Sim Performance Group
  3. 112 Devon Morgan - LaDuke-Matthews Racing / Dreamer Racing Series, Splash N' Go Graphics, Kirkwood Transportation
  4. 6 Joe Schaffer Jr. - The POSSE / EPYK Media
  5. 34 Justin Trombley
  6. 57 Max Brady - Sim-Preformance Group
  7. 18 Donald Clark - LaDuke-Matthews Racing / ICON, RBRC
  8. 93 Dylan Little - Northern Motorsports / The Fyre Place, Zac Sprung Designs
  9. 80 Jacob Harberts - LaDuke-Matthews Racing
  10. 9 Garrett Konrath - Culver’s, Dynex Hydraulics
  11. 911 Brian Korlacki
  12. 00 Russell Brown - RMS / DCD, Russell Brown Race Cars
  13. 08 Jonathan Shafer - Full Send Racing / Excell Air Filters
  14. 7 Kyle Souza - T4X / Bay State Sewage Disposal
  15. 27 Colton Davis - Mullis Chassiswerks / JDR Graphics, SimuCUBE, V-Racing, Sim-Labs, ineX Racing
  16. 51 Ryan Matthews - LaDuke-Matthews Racing / Carbon Racing Solutions, S&M Auto Service
  17. 43 Ian Layne - Total Downforce Racing
  18. 86 Kolby Baker - Fast Factory Sim Racing / Joe
  19. 61 James Mihlbachler - Front Stretch Mafia / Spotter Wilks Inc.
  20. 5QC Fred Moreau - LaDuke-Matthews Racing / Davis Chassis Works
  21. 5 Matt Rolfe - T4X / H&H Sign Supply, Eighty-Two Brands, www.racesara.com
  22. 53 Dante Curtis - RMS-DCD Racing / Russell Brown Race Cars, Dante Curtis Designs, Runyon Motorsports
  23. 14 Michael Fenlason Jr. - Mullis Chassiswerks / JDR Graphics, New England Racing Fuel
  24. 16 Daniel Pope II - Accelerated Motorsports / Celebrity's Hotdogs
  25. 30 Will Drevicky - Zero9 Motorsports / Z9 Chassis, Racing Designs
  26. 69 Derek Robinson - T4X / T4X Chassis, Handsome Fellows Barbershop
  27. 46 Phillip Martin - RMS-DCD Racing / Russell Brown Racecars, Dante Curtis Designs, Runyon Motorsports
  28. 36 Mark Royer
  29. 91 Ty Majeski - The POSSE / Ford Performance
  30. 25 Devon Rogers - RMS, DCD, Russel Brown Race Cars
  31. 07 Kyle Ely - Dynamic Autosports / JDR Graphics
  32. 19 Briar LaPradd - Mullis Chassiswerks / Ledford Billiard Supplies, JDR Graphics
  33. 81 Ken Morin - Evolution Visions
  34. 56 Brandon Wilkinson - The POSSE / EPYK Media, Rocket Performance
  35. 41 Logan Rumsey - Fast Factory Sim Racing / Joe
  36. 92 Ty Spearman - The POSSE / Salty Hookz
  37. 67 Colin Allman - Front Stretch Mafia
  38. 91 Dylan Bates - Accelerated Motorsports / East10decals.com
  39. 9 Ryan Blanchard - Front Stretch Mafia / EPYK Media, Dreamer Racing Series and Splash N' Go Graphics
  40. 88 Matt Eddy - Eddy Performance Solutions, Howe Racing
  41. 10 Alex McCollum - ineX Racing / ineX Racing, Simucube
  42. 26 Keith Medeiros - Front Stretch Mafia / FSM Chassis, National Roofing
  43. 29 Preston Bores - In The Groove Motorsports
  44. 24 Shawn Cool - Zero9 Motorsports / Pink Ribbon Riders, Ski-Doo, OB Graphics
  45. 111 Trevor Clement - Spy
  46. 32 Donovan Strauss - Sim Performance Group / JDR Graphics
  47. 28 Keith Jeffery - Jim Beaver eSports / Down and Dirty Radio Show presented by Polaris RZR, General Tire, DirtFish, 4WP, Impact, Vision Wheels, Gibson Exhaust, 07 Designs
  48. 23 Dallas Pataska - Dynamic Autosports / GM Racing Designs
  49. 13 Brad Mahar - TimsCorner.ca
  50. 03 Chris Canfield - Front Stretch Mafia / Patriot Media and Marketing
  51. 70 JD Laird - Mullis Chassiswerks / JDR Graphics, Anderson Surfboards, Aquatech Glassing
  52. 13 Samuel Roush - Dynamic Autosports / iRacing, Midwest Powersource Inc.
  53. 12 Cole Cabre - Swindell Speedlab