Remainder of Street Stock Season Opener Rescheduled


The Callaway Investments Sportsman Street Stock Series opened up their 2016 Summer Season on Tuesday night, but unfortunately the Week 1 race at Richmond experienced some server issues on lap 29 of the feature race.

We have decided to reschedule the remainder of the race to be run on Tuesday, August 9th (originally scheduled as an off-week). We will revert the running order of the race to the last completed lap prior to any server issues happening, and that order will determine the starting line up for the rescheduled event.

On the reschedule date, the race will be run as a 50 lap feature event.

Any drivers that were in the Week 1 race, will be automatically locked into the rescheduled race, and any new drivers that wish to join will be allowed to start at the back of the field. We will run qualifying that night for the new drivers to fill out the rest of the field, and they will start in that order behind the cars that were in the first race. All cars will start the race on the lead lap.

Any driver that was in the Week 1 race, but cannot make the rescheduled event, will each be given last place points.

Qualifying Dash points from the Week 1 race will be added to the points when the race is completed. We will also add laps led and keep track of any bonus/penalty/incidient points from the Week 1 race and apply it to the final results as well.

The starting lineup will be:
Ty Majeski
Brian Tedeschi
Austin Yarbrough
Cody Kelley
Darrell Hamlin
Derek Robinson
Matt Rolfe
Ian Layne
Tim Bills
Travis Warling
Russell Berry
David Bodio
Christopher Alcares
Brett Macklem
James Linkiewicz
Chuck Smith
Brandon Wilkinson
Jason Covington
Mark Royer
Justin Sullivan
Evan Sorensen
New drivers will fill out the rest of the grid, up to 26 cars plus any provisionals if needed. If any of the drivers listed above miss the race, the lineup will be adjusted forward.