SPRINGFEST 300 Registration and Race Details




Midwest Powersource Springfest 300 Race Night – March 15

– 9:30 PM ET – Practice Opens
– 9:45 PM ET – Springfest 300 – 300 laps


With the 300-lap race being the longest race in SARA history, the race format will be a little different for the event as well.

Competition Caution For Fuel – Lap 100

With a full tank of fuel not being enough to make it to the finish, drivers will need to take on extra fuel during the course of the race. Due to this, a competition caution will come out on lap 100, allowing drivers to come down pit road to add the fuel necessary to make it to the finish. However drivers will NOT be required to pit during this time, although the caution is designed to help everyone make sure they don’t run out of case in the event of a long green flag run to the finish. If a caution comes out within a handful of laps prior to the competition caution, admins may decide to make that the competition caution.

Tire Strategy

One extra set of tires will be allowed for this race, meaning a driver can come down pit road and change all four tires once. However, it will be up to the drivers’ discretion on when to take those tires. This puts the race strategy directly into the drivers hands, letting them decide when the right time might be to make or break their race with fresh rubber.

Starting Lineup