SARA Loyalty Program

Rewarding those of you, who are loyal to us.


SK Modifieds
Race 7 – Joe Schaffer

The SK Shootout Series ran two 75-lap feature races at Lanier, and Joe Schaffer took the pole for Race 1 and led all 75 laps to pick up his 19th career SARA win.

Street Stocks
Race 8 – Tim Bills
Irwindale Speedway – Inner

The Callaway Investments Sportsman Street Stocks raced at Irwindale Inner, with Tim Bills leading the final 60 laps of the race on his way to the 13th win of his SARA career.

Pro Late Models
Race 8 – Matt Rolfe
Martinsville Speedway

The Pro Late Models ran a 100-lap feature event at Martinsville, and it was Matt Rolfe who charged by Trevor Edwards, and went on to pick up his 18th career SARA win.

Super Late Models
Race 7 – Bill Martin
The Milwaukee Mile

The Super Late Models ran a pair of 52 lap races on the night, and Bill Martin took the lead early in Race 2 and went on to grab his 45th career SARA win.

The Sim Auto Racing Association is proud to announce the SARA Loyalty Program which will continue in the 2016 Summer Season. The program will be based on participation, rather than performance, and will reward drivers who compete full time within the league. By showing loyalty to the league and starting a certain amount of races throughout the season, drivers will qualify to receive some extra SARA perks. Each stage of the SARA Loyalty Program is outlined below.

**Any driver that attempts to qualify for a race, but does not make the field, will still be eligible for each of these stages.**

STAGE 1: Driver Profiles

To reach Stage 1 of the SARA Loyalty Program, drivers will need to compete in a division (or multiple divisions) for the first four weeks of the 2016 Summer Season. Drivers who reach Stage 1, will receive a featured Driver Profile here on the website. Each driver will have a spotlight on the Driver Roster page, which will include:
– Car photos (race in multiple divisions to get all of your schemes featured)
– Driver name
– Team name
– Member since date
– Link to your personal driver stats


Driver Name

Team Name: SARA Racing
Member Since: 2012

Driver Stats

A total of 26 drivers have reached Stage 1 of the SARA Loyalty Program. Thank you for your support and for racing with us full time in at least one division, and congrats on making it to Stage 1. View the Driver Roster page to see all of the profiles.

The 26 drivers who reached Stage 1 are (in alphabetical order): Alex O’Bryan, Bill Martin, Brian Tedeschi, Charlie Kuzma, Christopher Alcares, Chuck Smith, Clay Snider, Conner Blaise, Derek Holzhausen, Eric Block, Evan Sorensen, Hunter Combs, Ian Layne, James Linkiewicz, Joe Schaffer Jr., Justin Sullivan, Kyle Odaynik, Rob Roberts, Mark Royer, Matt Eddy, Matt Rolfe, Russell Berry, Tim Bills, Travis Warling, Ty Spearman, Wes Graham.

STAGE 2: BIG 3 Perks

To reach Stage 2 of the SARA Loyalty Program, drivers will need to compete in a division (or multiple divisions) for the first seven weeks of the 2016 Summer Season. Drivers who reach Stage 2, will receive a $2 discounted entry fee towards running in the first event of the Big 3 Series, which run during the week of August 1-4th. The discount can be applied towards either the Street Stock or the Super Late Model entry fee.

STAGE 2 BONUS: More BIG 3 Perks

To reach the Stage 2 Bonus, drivers will need to compete in both the Street Stock division and the Super Late Model division for the first seven weeks of the season. Two random drivers who reach the Stage 2 Bonus will receive a free entry fee towards either race. (A driver that received a free entry may not use the additional discounted entry fee towards the other division.)



More info coming soon.


More info coming soon.