Power Rankings

Ranking the league’s best drivers over the past three weeks of the season.

Power Rankings are based off a driver’s performance over the past three weeks of the season. Wins, poles, laps led, top fives, and top tens all effect a drivers position in the power rankings in a positive way, while finishes outside of the top fifteen or worse, and failing to qualify for races will effect it in a negative way.

2017 Spring Season Power Rankings

Updated 4/10/17 – Rankings From Weeks 8-10

Just Outside Looking In: Dave Bodio, Bill Martin, Brian Chambliss, Cayden Lapcevich, Tyler Simmons, Matt Eddy, and Devon Rogers

Number 10

Matt Kocher

Matt has been impressive since joining the league, which is evident by the fact that he’s in contention for the Super Series title. He finally had a couple subpar races over the past few weeks which is why he’s dropped down to 10th in these rankings. Over the past three weeks, he has 5 starts, 3 top tens, 2 top fives including a 2nd place finish a couple weeks ago at Oxford in the Super Series, and an average finish of 8.4. Look for Matt to finish off his rookie season on a high note with more solid runs these next two weeks.

Number 9

Clay Snider

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Clay in these power rankings, but he’s finally gotten out of a little bit of a slump and is stringing together some solid runs as of late. In 6 starts over the past three weeks, Clay has 5 top tens with a pair of 5th place finishes as well for a 8.67 average finish. Clay has been longing for Dirt racing on iRacing for a while now, and it looks like his finishes have picked up since it’s been out. Look for him to have similar results these next two weeks, and likely when we add dirt to our lineup as well.

Number 8

Derek Holzhausen

If these power rankings went back four weeks instead of three, Derek might be a little higher on the list as he had a Super Series win a few weeks back. But even though that isn’t factored into these rankings, he has 3 SLM starts over the past three weeks, with all of them being top tens. Although he doesn’t have any top fives during that stretch, he’s run up inside the top five quite a bit, and has shown his strength in qualifying like he has all season. We wouldn’t be surprised if Derek finished off the season with at least one more pole, and contending for a win.

Number 7

Keith Jeffery

Keith has run with us mainly in our Modified Series this season and after a poor start to his season, he’s rallied off 5 straight top ten finishes. Althought the average finish of his 3 starts these past three weeks is similar to Holzhausen’s, Keith gets the nod over him with a top five this past week in the Modified Series race at Stafford with a 4th place run. Despite being back in 9th in the Modified standings, Keith still has a shot to make up some ground in the Rookie standings if he can finish off the season with more solid runs.

Number 6

Tim Bills

Although a win has escaped Tim over the past three weeks (which seems to be rare for him in recent seasons), he’s been showing plenty of speed especially in qualifying where he has 3 poles in his 5 starts these past three weeks. Tim also has 4 top tens, and a top five which was a runner up finish in the Sportsman Series at Langley, and he could have contended for a win at Gateway as well but connection issue bit him again. His 7.6 average finish has him at number 6 in the rankings, but we think he’ll improve on his numbers these final two weeks.

Number 5

David Krikorian

If you go back and look at the last time David strung together more than two straight top ten finishes in the Super Series, you’d have to go all the way back to last Spring around this same time. Fast forward to this season and he has 6 straight top tens in the series. Over the past three weeks in his 3 SLM starts, they are all top tens, with two of them being top fives for an average finish of 4.67, and he’s got a pole to add to his numbers too. Look for this streak to continue on throughout the end of the season.

Number 4

Derek Robinson

Derek has been having one of his best seasons in a while this year and it’s clearly showing by being the points leader in the Super Series with just two weeks remaining. These past three weeks, he has 4 starts (3 SLM, 1 SS) with all of them being top ten runs, and his last three finishes are all runner-ups to give him an average finish of 4th. As the Super Series points leader, Derek could be hard to beat these next week weeks as the tracks look favorable to him based on prior results so look for him to potentially be a champion once again.

Number 3

Trevor Edwards

Up until this last Thursday’s Super Series race, Trevor had knocked out another impressive streak of 20 straight top ten finishes but that ended after being involved in an incident at Martinsville. Over the past three weeks, Trevor had 8 starts with 7 top tens and 6 top fives, including a victory in the Modified Series race at Stafford that he said was probably his most rewarding win. With just two weeks remaining, we expect Trevor to start a new top ten streak as he contends for another title in the Sportsman Series.

Number 2

Joe Schaffer Jr

Joe has been one of the top drivers in the league for the past few seasons and he’s on another tear right now as he’s earned back-to-back wins last week in the Sportsman Series and the Super Series. Including the wins, Joe has a total of 7 starts, 6 top tens, 4 top fives and an average finish of 4.87 over the past three weeks. His wins this season has moved him up into 5th all-time in SARA wins which puts him in elite company, and we think he might add to that before the end of the season.

Number 1

Matt Rolfe

Much like the streak that Edwards was on, Matt has his own impressive streak right now as he’s complied 21 straight top ten finishes which has launched him into contention for possibly two championships this season. Over the past three weeks, Matt has 9 starts, all of them in the top ten, 7 top fives, and 4 victories which includes his first career Super Series win. Matt leads the Sportsman Series standings, and sits 2nd in Super Series points, and if he continues this streak that he’s on he’ll have a decent shot at picking up both titles.