Rolfe Takes Summit Point Legends Victory



Matt Rolfe took home the victory in the NEO Racing News Legends feature on the Summit Point Jefferson road course, but it didn’t come easy. Rolfe got the pole on the night and led the field around for the first lap, but on his second lap ended up off course in the last turn. This let last week’s winner, Ronald Williams, get by and take his turn at the lead. Williams would keep the lead until lap 9 where he gave Rolfe room going into turn 1. But he wouldn’t give up pace as he stayed within less than a second behind Rolfe, and would give it one last shot at the lead before the white flag, where he pulled up to the bumper of the leader. Rolfe would hold his line though and protect his lead before Williams lost control of his car on the last lap, which let Rolfe finish off the race with an easy pace, as he picks up his 2nd win of the SARA season. Williams would gather his car back up for 2nd, Sean Medling would come home 3rd, with Mark Bradley and Jean Wondracek rounding out the top 5.

Next week the Legends division heads to the Irwindale Inner course for 50 laps.

  1. Matt Rolfe
  2. Ronald Williams
  3. Sean Medling
  4. Mark Bradley
  5. Jean Wondracek
  6. Patrick Hahe
  7. Tristan Haider
  8. Ken Belanger