Graves Wins Green Flag Duel at Langley



The NEO Racing News Legends series started off the second half of their season, by visiting the Langley Speedway for 40 laps of action. Coming into the night, Matt Rolfe led the points by just 3 points over Ronald Williams.

TJ Graves would make just his second start of the season, but would set the tone early by setting the pole over Williams. Together, the two of them would set sail over the rest of the field. The two would stay nose-to-tail throughout the race, trying to get the run he needed to make a pass for the lead.

Behind them, Rolfe would settle into third, while Jason Garrett would run 4th, and Mike Belanger would work his way up to a top 5 position. But as the race went caution free, it would leave the two leaders to battle it out among themselves to determine the winner. Williams would pressure as much as he could, but Graves was able to hold his line, and his position, and he would go on to lead every lap and pick up the win, and his 3rd career SARA win.

With Williams finishing 2nd, and Rolfe finishing 3rd, the standings at the top of the leaderboard sits as a tie between the two drivers.

Next week the series goes back to turning right at Okayama. Full results and standings can be found HERE.