Week Three Power Rankings



Before we get too busy tomorrow with the SARA 250 Presented by The Sunday Hauler, let’s take a look at the Power Rankings for the week.

In this week’s rankings, we take a look back of Week 3 of the season which proved to be an interesting week of racing. The Legends and Super Late Models saw record car counts for their races, as we again upped our total car count for the week to 105 cars.

Here’s the Week 3 Power Rankings:

10. Adam Jordan (Prev Rank: NR (+))
Adam joined us at the beginning of the season in the Sportsman Street Stock Series, and has quietly put together a good season so far. He started off the season with a 9th and a 3rd place finish, as this past week at Iowa, he again ran near the front of the field. He ran within the top 5 all night and challenged up into the top 3 early in the race, before ending up with a 5th place finish. Adam continues to put some solid performances together and sits 2nd in the SS points, and we’ll see if he can keep it up or even take it to the next level with a win.

9. Brian Tedeschi (Prev Rank: NR (+))
Brian was just outside of our Power Rankings last week after he picked up the Street Stock victory in week two. This week he moves his way into them with a couple of good finishes across the board. He picked up a 9th in the Legends, then backed up his SS win with a 3rd place finish this week. He followed that up with another top 5 as he finished 4th in the Pro Late Model race. He didn’t have as much luck in the Super Late Model race, but his strong finishes in the other divisions were enough to move him up. He looks to be strong every time out and we’ll see if he can keep up the pace.

8. James Linkiewicz (Prev Rank: 8th (+0))
James ranked number 8 on our Power Rankings last week, but his week didn’t start off so great as he had a rough Legends race with a 16th place finish. His Pro Late Model race didn’t go as planned either as he brought it back with a 14th. But in the Super Late Model race, he was able to recover quite well as he survived with a strong 4th place finish in a race where 43 cars attempted to qualify. That 4th place finish will hold his 8th place in the rankings, and we’ll see if he can recover in the other divisions to back up his 4th this week.

7. Clay Snider (Prev Rank: 10th (+3))
Clay came in at #10 in our Power Rankings last week with some good runs, and he started off this week the same way. He started off the week with a 3rd in the Legends race and backed it up with a 6th in the street stocks, and a 10th place finish in the Pro Late Models. Then in the Super Late Model race at Oxford, he ended up on his roof, not once, but twice in the event but still managed a 17th place finish which was decent considering you couldn’t read his roof numbers by the end of it. Repeating what we said last week, if he can avoid trouble, he’ll continue to rack up the top 10 finishes.

6. Matt Rolfe (Prev Rank: 5th (-1))
Matt was number 5 in the rankings last week, and he started off the week with a couple decent finishes. He recovered for a 6th place finish in the Legends, and then ran 4th in the Street Stocks just behind the leaders. But in the other two divisions he didn’t have as much luck. He got caught up in a wreck in the Pro Late Models for a 15th place finish. Then in the Super Late Models, he started at the back of the heat and got tangled with another car for the transfer position and failed to qualify for that race. We know Matt is capable of some strong runs, so we’ll see if he can rebound from this week’s tough finishes in the upper divisions.

5. Kenneth Lindsley (Prev Rank: 7th (+2))
Kenny came in at #7 last week, and this week he would put together a couple of strong runs to move him up the Power Rankings ladder. He actually had a tough Legends race with a bad finish, but turned it around in the Street Stocks with a 2nd place finish. He was caught up in the same wreck that Rolfe was in, in the Pro Late Model race and managed a 13th place finish. But the Super Late Model race is where he really showed his strength. He picked up his heat win, and led the majority of the race at Oxford before some other guys worked their way up to the front, but we was still able to hold a few of those guys off and brought it home for a 2nd place finish. Kenny continues to run up front and should be looking to pick up a win here soon.

4. Jacob Linkiewicz (Prev Rank: 4th (+0))
Jacob was number 4 last week in the rankings with some solid finishes during the previous weeks. He would start off this week the same way as he managed a top 5 finish at “The Rock”, but wouldn’t have as much luck in the Super Late Model race. His night would end up with a 16th place finish which is about as much as you can ask for in a race where there was 15 cautions. Despite that finish, it wouldn’t be enough to drop him in these rankings quite yet.

3. Jeff Bye Jr. (Prev Rank: 6th (+3))
The last couple of weeks Jeff has been running very strong in the Super Late Model series with a couple of top 5 finishes so far, and this week he would kick it up a notch as he picked up the victory in the race at Oxford. He started deep in the field after receiving a provisional starting spot for the race, and slowly picked his way toward the front. He took the lead once before receiving a bump and run, but returned the favor right back and grabbed the lead back and held off the field to the finish to pick up his first SARA win since season 3 of the SS last year. We look for Jeff to continue to run up front each week in a tough division.

2. Justin Brooks (Prev Rank: 3rd (+1))
Justin dropped a spot to #3 in last week’s race, and came out this week determined to get it back. He lead the majority of the Street Stock race and picked up the victory there. Then in the Pro Late Model race he had to work his way up from the back of the field and took the lead late over his teammate to pick up the PLM win as well. We know Justin is always a front runner and he showed he could get there even when we handicap him back in the field. He’s got some work to do to take over the top spot in these rankings, but he’s the kind of driver that can definitely do it.

1. Trey Jarrell (Prev Rank: 1st (+0))
Trey was 4-for-4 to start of the season with wins, and he made a 5th straight when he took home the Legends win on Monday night. Then he had to come from the back of the Pro Late Model feature due to his handicap and worked his way up to the 3rd position before getting caught up with a lapped car late, dropping him to an 11th place finish. He would recover in the Super Late Model race though after getting caught up in an early wreck and went multiple laps down. But after getting a couple of lucky dogs, he was able to work his way to the front and got to the lead momentarily before getting dropped back some but finished it out with a 3rd place finish. Trey will look to see if he can return to victory lane next week after he finally got beat a couple times this past week. Trey is also one of the early favorites in the SARA 250 tomorrow as he drew a number 2 starting spot in the heat race, which could put him towards the front of the field in the 250, which wouldn’t be a good thing for the ret of the field.

New This Week: Name – Finishes
Adam Jordan – 5th SS
Brian Tedeschi – 9th Leg, 3rd SS, 4th PLM, 14th SLM

Dropped Out: Name Finishes
Derek Robinson – 24th PLM
Todd Garren – 23rd PLM, 23rd SLM