Spring Season Week Nine Power Rankings



The season is starting to come to a close with just three weeks remaining in the season, and all five divisions will be on track each week throughout the rest of the season. But before we head into those races, let’s look back at last week’s Power Rankings:

10. Jeff Hoggard – Last Week’s Rank: NR
Jeff has been pretty consistent lately over the past couple of weeks, which earns him a spot up in the rankings this week. Over his last 9 races, 6 of those have been top tens, including one top five as well. Two of this other starts were just outside the top ten as well. With the consistency Jeff has had lately by running right around the top ten, eventually that will lead to some better finishes all around which we think he can pull off.

9. David Krikorian – Last Week’s Rank: NR
David puts himself back in the rankings this week, with the help of a dominating win in the Legends road course event last week. He also picked up a 5th place finish in the Street Stock race, but in the other two races he ran last week, he didn’t quite get the finishes he was hoping for, with 15th and 18th place finishes. But that Legends win gets him back in these rankings, and with no more road course races for him to dominate, we’ll see if he can run just as strong in the final three weeks of the season.

8. Patrick Hahe – Last Week’s Rank: 9th (+1)
Patrick continues to rack up some good finishes on Monday nights lately, and he got another pair of top five finishes last week in the Legends division. Part of that is due to some lower car counts in that division, but he’s been running just as strong in SK Modified races as well. And with no more Legends double headers, and the SK Mods running the final three weeks, we’ll look to see if Patrick can continue to run well in both divisions.

7. Parker Traves – Last Week’s Rank: 5th (-2)
Parker had some good runs last week, including a 3rd in the Street Stock race, and a pair of 4th place finishes in the Pro Late Models Twin 75 races. However, he got into some things in the Super Late Model race, which leads to him sitting out the final three weeks of the season. He ran well enough to keep him in the rankings for now, but will be dropping out next week. But if Parker chooses to run again next season, look for him to continue to improve like he had been this season.

6. Matt Rolfe – Last Week’s Rank: 6th (+0)
Matt stays in at number 6 this week in the rankings, with a decent week overall. He picked up 3 top fives, including both Legends races and the Super Late Model race. He also picked up an 8th in one of the Pro Late Model races, while his other two finishes were just outside the top ten. Matt continues to be a top five or top ten car all season long, and we expect him to do much of the same over the remainder of the season.

5. Ty Spearman – Last Week’s Rank: 4th (-1)
Ty drops a spot in this week’s rankings, but only because the person who knocked him down won some races last week. But for Ty, again he had another very strong run in the Super Late Model race with a 3rd place finish (especially since we heard he wasn’t looking forward to the race), and he also finished in 9th in the Street Stock race. Ty continues to be a contender for at least a top five, if not for the win each time out, and we’ll look for much of the same.

4. Bill Martin – Last Week’s Rank: 3rd (-1)
Bill also drops down a spot this week, but he did have a couple of strong finishes in the races last week. He charged to a 2nd place finish in the Legends road course event, and then he also finished in the runner up spot for the Street Stock race. His other finish for the week was a 22nd in one of the Pro Late Model races, but we’ll look for him to rebound from that and he should be battling for some more wins this week.

3. Ty Majeski – Last Week’s Rank: 7th (+4)
Ty climbs up some more spots this week. Four spots for his four wins. Yup, four wins. He won the Street Stock race, swept the Pro Late Model Twin 75 races, and then battled for a hard fought victory in the Super Late Model race. We’ve said that it’s going to be hard to knock Cody Kelley off the top of these rankings this season, but if there’s one person that could do it, it could be Ty with the way he’s been running lately.

2. Ryan Borges – Last Week’s Rank: 2nd (+0)
Ryan continues his strong season with three more top fives, and another top ten finish last week. He picked up the dominating Legends win in the oval portion of that night, followed by a 3rd in the road course event. His other top five finish was in one of the Pro Late Model races with a 5th, and he had an 8th in the Street Stock race. He did have one bad finish though of 23rd, but he was caught in a wreck early in that race. Look for Ryan to continue to run up front each time out, as he’ll try to stay near the top of these rankings.

1. Cody Kelley – Last Week’s Rank: 1st (+0)
Well, he didn’t pick up any wins last week like we thought he would. But he still had some pretty damn good runs. He had his lowest finish of the week in the Street Stock race with a 4th, but after that it was all 2nd place finishes in both Pro Late Model races as well as the Super Late Model race. And he continues to dominate the points standings in those three divisions as well. With just three weeks left of the season, we’ll look for Cody to continue his dominating season with some more wins, some more top five finishes, and at least one, if not more championship titles.

New This Week: David Krikorian, Jeff Hoggard
Dropped Out: James Linkiewicz, Anthony Celentano