Spring Season Week Eleven Power Rankings



Last week all five divisions were on track and there was plenty of great racing all week long as the season begins to come to a close. A tire limit was put into place to test over the final two weeks of the season, and it resulted in a lot of green flag racing and some comers and goers regarding tire wear and falloff. With just one week remaining before crowning our champions, take a look back at the Week 11 Power Rankings:

10. Jacob Linkiewicz – Last Week’s Rank: NR
Jacob started off the Spring Season running a partial schedule, and then took just over a month off before joining us again during Week 10. And in the last couple of weeks, he’s been running pretty solidly. Last week he scored a top five finish in the Street Stock race, but then went to Thompson in the Pro Late Model race and stole a win away in the closing laps to grab his first career SARA victory. Look for Jacob to finish out the season with some more solid finishes.

9. Patrick Hahe – Last Week’s Rank: T-9th (+0)
Patrick had a decent week last week to keep him in the 9th spot in these rankings. In the Legends race he picked up another top five, but then in the SK Shootout race at Stafford he finished just outside the top ten in 11th. Technically as of writing this post, Patrick has already finished off his season by running Monday night’s races in Week 12, but for the sake of this post, look for a couple more top ten finishes to close out the season for Patrick.

8. Jeff Hoggard – Last Week’s Rank: T-9th (+1)
Jeff has been running consistently inside the top ten as of late, and continued to do so in Week 11 with a couple more solid finishes. He started off last week with a 4th place finish in the Legends race, and then in the Street Stock event the next night, he picked up another top ten finish with a 9th. Look for much of the same out of Jeff this week as he should pick up a couple more top ten or top five finishes to end the season.

7. Derek Robinson – Last Week’s Rank: 10th (+3)
It’s been a while since Derek picked up his last SARA victory, but he’s starting to show again why he won so many races and earned himself a championship in the past. Over the last three weeks of the season, in five total races, he’s finished outside of the top five once with a 7th, he has a trio of 3rd place finishes, and in last week’s Super Late Model race at USA he ran near the front all race long and earned himself a 2nd place finish. Look for Derek to finish up the season with another good finish.

6. David Krikorian – Last Week’s Rank: 7th (+1)
David jumps up another spot in the rankings this week after a strong run in the Super Late Model race last week. He started inside the top five but dropped back in the early laps, but then started picking off cars and worked his way back up into a 3rd place finish by the end of the race. For someone who we once thought was just a “road course ringer”, David has been running pretty well as of late and look for much of the same this week.

5. Matt Rolfe – Last Week’s Rank: 6th (+1)
Matt had another solid week overall last week, picking up four top ten finishes. He had one finish outside the top ten in 13th, but for the rest of the week, he finished 2nd in Legends, 6th in the SK Mods, 4th in Pro Late Models, and 8th in the Super Late Models. Heading into the final week of the season, Matt sits 2nd or 3rd in the standings in four divisions, so look for Matt to end the season with some more strong runs inside the top five or top ten.

4. Ty Spearman – Last Week’s Rank: 5th (+1)
Ty moves up to 4th this week in the rankings with the help of others dropping out, although he probably didn’t have the week he was looking for. He started off on a good note with a 4th place finish in the SK Mod race, but was knocked out early in the Pro Late Model race resulting in a 19th place finish. In the Super Late Model race, he ran up front and led some laps, but would drop out in the closing laps which dropped him down to an 11th place finish. Look for Ty to rebound and turn things around during SoBo Championship Week.

3. Bill Martin – Last Week’s Rank: 4th (+1)
Bill had a very strong week last week which moves him up into number 3 this week, and also tightens up the top three of these rankings quite a bit. He came up just short in the SK Shootout race with a 2nd after charging through the field. Then he picked up another victory on Tuesday in the Street Stock race. Then he finished 2nd again in the Pro Late Models, and finished up the week with a 5th in the Super Late Models. In Week 12, Bill will clinch his 4th SARA championship in the SK Modified division, but also look for him to pick up at least another win.

2. Ryan Borges – Last Week’s Rank: 2nd (+0)
Ryan started his week off with another Legends victory which officially clinched him the Legends title last week. Then he followed it up with a top five in the SK Modified race, a 7th in the Street Stock race, and a 3rd place finish in the Pro Late Model event. Over the past three weeks, Ryan has posted 12 top tens in 13 races, and has four wins in that span as well. Ryan should finish off the season with a few more strong runs so look for him to be up front all week.

1. Cody Kelley – Last Week’s Rank: 1st (+0)
Cody has been the car to beat all season long as he’s currently on his way to picking up three SARA championships. And he picked up another victory last week in the Super Late Model race after taking over the lead late, to go along with a 3rd place finish in the Street Stock race as well. Heading into the final week of the season, Cody has been on an incredible streak of not finishing outside of the top ten at all this season, and his last time he finished outside of the top five was in Week 5 on a road course. Look for his streak to continue, and look for him to potentially rack up a couple more wins to finish off his impressive season.

New This Week: Jacob Linkiewicz
Dropped Out: Ty Majeski, Dale Owen