SARA Clash4Cash Wraps Up Summer Season



Last night’s Clash4Cash was a blast and an awesome way to wrap up the season! Nothing like having Super Late Models blazing by Legends like they’re sitting still and weaving through traffic. Cars from multiple divisions would run two and three wide all race long as the field put on quite the show. The mandatory pit stop would see plenty of strategies play out as some drivers headed down pit road from the first lap, and some would wait until past halfway. The 30 minute race had the Super Late Models running a total of 79 laps while the Legends would complete 67 laps.

Fred Moreau and Todd Garren battled all race for the overall victory, with Moreau taking the top spot, while Ty Majeski, Todd Sipe, and Mike Rhyno would pick up each divisional wins. But none of that mattered with the team twist, plotting drivers from each division together for a combined team score. Here are the final results from the Clash4Cash:

CLASH4CASH Champions: 9 Points
Todd Garren – 2nd SLM
Ty Majeski – 1st PLM
Adam Jordan- 3rd SS
Patrick Hahe – 3rd Legends

2nd Place: 10 points
Brian Tedeschi – 3rd SLM
Bill Martin – 2nd PLM
Brandon Wilkinson – 4th SS
Mike Rhyno – 1st Legends

Tied for 3rd Place: 13 points
Jacob Linkiewicz – 5th SLM
Clay Snider – 4th PLM
Matt Rolfe – 2nd SS
Dale Owen – 2nd Legends

Tied for 3rd Place: 13 points
Matt Eddy – 4th SLM
Stan Bragg – 3rd PLM
Todd Sipe – 1st SS
Travis Warling – 5th Legends

5th Place: 15 Points
Fred Moreau – 1st SLM
Kevin Myers – 5th PLM
Ken Belanger – 5th SS
Josh Kotten – 4th Legends

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