Martin Caps Off Season At #1 In Rankings



We ended another year of sim racing this past week as all 5 divisions hit the track to wrap up the 2014 season during SoBo Championship Week. Two championships were already locked up but the other three title’s all came down to the last race of the season and the points leaders entering each race, didn’t leave with it. We didn’t get a list of Power Rankings out last week, so this list includes the past two weeks. Let’s take a look back at the final Power Rankings of the season:

10. Clay Snider
Clay has had an up and down season overall in each division, but he’s had some pretty decent races here lately. Over the past 3 weeks, in 9 races Clay has had 7 top 10 finishes and one other just outside the top 10 in 12th with a stacked SLM field at Lanier a couple weeks back. Clay’s best points finish this season is a 5th place in the final standings in the Legends division.

9. Kevin Myers
Kevin has also had an up and down season, usually qualifying and running near the front of the field, but having plenty of races end early due to some back luck. In the Legends race in Week 11, he did pick up his 2nd career win. But entering this past week, Kevin went into the SK Shootout race with the points lead, but after a couple of incidents throughout the race, his championship hopes ended early. Kevin ended up finishing 3rd in the final SK Shootout standings.

8. Ty Spearman
Ty finished off his Fall Season on a high note, picking up 5 top 10s and 4 of those being top 5 finishes over the last couple weeks of the season. And if you go back even further, that string of good finishes goes back to 9 straight top 10 finishes, with 8 of them being top 5s. Ty ended up finishing 3rd in the final Super Late Model standings, despite only scoring 9 races compared to others with 10.

7. Travis Warling
Travis came oh so close to picking up the Legends championship this season. He dominated on the road courses picking up 5 wins, and 1 more on an oval. That put him in position for the title as he entered the final race of the season with the points lead. But by the end of the race, he came up just 4 points short after dropping back from some late race contact. He finished the last two race both in the 8th position, but after having such a good season, both of those races would end up being drop weeks for him. Travis did pick up the Road Championship portion of the legends points, finishing in the top 2 in all but one of those races.

6. Matt Rolfe
Matt finished off the last few weeks of the Fall Season with a string of solid finishes. Over the past three weeks, Matt ran in 14 races and picked up 11 top 10 finishes, with 6 of them being top 5s. And his lowest finish in those string of finishes was just 13th. He ended up finishing 5th in the final SK Shootout standings, and worked his way up to 3rd in the Legends standings.

5. Ryan Borges
Ryan has been impressive since joining the league, often finding his way up into top 10 and top 5 finishes. In the 10 races he has run over the past 3 weeks, he picked up 6 top 5 finishes, and 2 additional top 10s. One of those races was his first career victory in the Legends race at Las Vegas a couple weeks back. Ryan joined part way through the season which prevented him from doing well in the points races, but he was able to catch four of the SK Shootout races and ended up finishing 4th in those points.

4. Stan Bragg
Stan also finished off his Fall Season with a string of solid finishes, and none bigger than the season finale in the SK Shootout race. Stan entered that race down in the points but did exactly what he needed to do and went on to pick up the victory, which secured his 2014 Sk Shootout Series Championship. In the 10 races he race over the past three weeks, he had 9 top 10 finishes, 3 of them being top 5s, and the other races was an 11th. Stan finished 2nd in the Street Stock standings, 1st in SK Shootout standings, and 6th in the Legends standings.

3. Cody Kelley
Cody finished off his strong season this past week with some more strong finishes. The past three weeks in 7 races, he’s finished top 10 in all of them, and the last 5 have all been top 3 finishes. And he finished off our season by winning the final two races in the Pro Late Model and Super Late Model divisions, both in dominating fashion. Cody ended up finishing 2nd in the final PLM standings, and ended up 5th in the SLM standings despite only scoring 8 finishes.

2. Justin Brooks
Justin’s chances for a title were all but over when he received a penalty earlier this season, but he was just too good and overcame the odds to rally for his first SARA championship. In the 5 races he ran in the past few weeks, he picked up 3 wins, a 2nd, and perhaps the most important finish was his 4th place in the SLM season finale to secure the Super Late Model title. And he won that title, essentially scoring more points in 9 races than anyone else did in 10.

1. Bill Martin
We’re going to have to put a “Bill Martin Rule” in effect for next season after Bill’s dominating season. He locked up the PLM championship in week 10, locked up the Street Stock championship in week 11, and this past week he picked up his 3rd championship by gaining enough points to win the Legends title by just 4 points. Also included in that was winning the Oval championship portion of the Legends points as well. In 14 races over the past three weeks, he only had one finish outside of the top 10, one finish of 8th, and every single other finish was on the podium which included 3 wins in that stretch. With those kind of numbers, it’s not hard to believe that Bill finished off the season with 3 championships in hand.