Majeski Climbs, Martin Still Atop Power Rankings



Another week in the books, and with just four weeks remaining in the season, let’s take a look back at the Week 8 Power Rankings:

10. Fred Moreau – Last Week: NR
Fred breaks into the Power Rankings this week after taking control of the Super Late Model standings again. For the 4th straight week, Fred has picked up another top 10 finish, and the only one outside the top 5 is a 6th place finish. The other three have been a 3rd, 3rd, and a 4th this past week. Fred sits comfortably on the top of the points standings and will look to see if he can stay in the Power Rankings as well.

9. Stan Bragg – Last Week: NR
Stan climbs back into the rankings this week after being in and out of them a couple times before. He picked up a 7th and a 6th in the Legends double header, followed by a 4th in the Street Stock race and a 10th in the Pro Late Model race. Now with a little momentum on his side with some solid top 10 finishes, we will look to see if he can keep it up down the final stretch of the season.

8. Clay Snider – Last Week: NR
Clay moves up into the rankings for this first time this week. He’s had an up-and-down season so far, but last week was one of his better all around weeks which could have been even better with a little more luck. He finished 5th at Concord in the Legends, 5th in the Street Stock race, and 6th in the Pro Late Model race. And in the other two races he was running well before getting caught up in wrecks. We’ll see if Clay can avoid some of that bad luck this week and stay in the rankings.

7. Dale Owen – Last Week: 5th (-2)
While Dale didn’t race in an races last week because of penalty, there weren’t really any drivers that did well enough to completely jump over him. Before last week, he had done well enough the couple of weeks before that to get up to 5th and to stay up in these rankings this week. We’ll see if Dale can pick up where he left off when he returns, and see if he can stay in the rankings.

6. Matt Rolfe – Last Week: 7th (+1)
Matt had a decent week overall last week to move up to 6th in the rankings this week. He started off with a 2nd and a 4th in the Legends double header. In the Street Stock race, he started on pole and led some laps at the beginning of the race before a connection issue dropped him from 3rd place. He then finished 12th in the PLM race, and was running inside the top 5 in the SLM race before getting caught up in the late race wreck. Matt should be able to rebound this week and pick up some more solid finishes.

5. Cody Kelley – Last Week: 4th (-1)
Cody drops a spot in this week’s rankings, but it wasn’t because he did poorly last week. He actually had two great finishes, but some a win by another driver would help that driver leapfrog Cody. Cody worked his way up into a 3rd place finish in the Pro Late Model race, and then followed it up by picking up a 3rd place finish in the Super Late Model race as well. Cody continues to run up front and we don’t expect that to change the rest of the way this season.

4. Ty Majeski – Last Week: 6th (+2)
Ty continues his climb towards the top of the Power Rankings this week. He started off his week by picking up his 3rd Street Stock victory of the season in the past 5 weeks. Then in the PLM race, he started at the back of the field, and worked his way all the way up to a 2nd place finish. If Ty continues to win races, there’s no reason he can’t work his way to the top of these rankings as well.

3. Travis Warling – Last Week: 2nd (-1)
Travis drops a spot in this week’s rankings, but he still remains in control of the Legends points standings. The only negative from last week, is that he didn’t pick up another road course victory like he was expected to. But after an early race incident, he worked his way back up to a 6th place finish. And in the oval portion of the Legends double header, he finished in the 4th spot. He’s been strong all season in the Legends, and we don’t expect him to let up as he continues to try to chase that title.

2. Ryan Borges – Last Week: 3rd (+1)
Ryan continues his run of top 10 finishes last week as he extended it to 13 straight race, before being involved in a major netcode crash in the Super Late Model race. His other finishes of the week included some strong Legends finishes with a 3rd and a 2nd, then picked up an 8th in the Street Stock race, and a 4th place finish in the PLM race. As strong and consistent has Ryan has been, we’ll look for him to continue to pick up those top 10 finishes and begin a new streak of good runs.

1. Bill Martin – Last Week: 1st (+0)
Bill stays at the top of these rankings once again this week with another good week of finishes. He started it all off by picking up another victory in the Legends division at Concord, and in the other races he never finished worse than 6th. He backed up his win with a 3rd in the Legends road course race, then a 6th in the Street Stock race, and a top 5 in the PLM race. Bill continues to run up front each and every race, and as long as he keeps it up and keeps picking up wins, he should stay on the top of these rankings.

New This Week: Clay Snider, Stan Bragg, Fred Moreau
Dropped Out: Parker Traves, Casey Kelley, Derek Robinson