Majeski Charges to Win at Oxford



The MRolfeDesigns Pro Late Model Series visited Maine for tonight’s race as they ran a 100 lap race at the Oxford Plains Speedway. 29 drivers brought their Late Models out to attempt to qualify for the event, where only the top 24 times would advance followed up by 2 provisionals. Ty Majeski took the top time in qualifying, but the field would be lined up based on our Handicap system which started Ty deep in the field.

Mike Belanger and James Poleske started on the front row based off of their handicaps, but a quick yellow on the initial green would slow things down. After the restart, Belanger jumped out to the early lead and the whole field settled in nicely as they started out an excellent 86 lap green flag run. Poleske fell down into 2nd on the restart, and by lap 15 he was pressuring for the lead and took over the top spot, which would shuffle Belanger back into the field as he was stuck on the outside. Clay Snider was able to inherit the 2nd spot, but shortly after a few of the drivers that had started deep in the field were beginning to work their way up through the field.

Majeski, Trey Jarrell, and Justin Brooks had all been lined up on the bottom on the first restart, and by lap 23 they had each moved up into the top 5 and looked to hunt down the leader. Majeski was able to track down Poleske and on lap 33 he was able to work under him down the backstretch and took over the top spot, followed by Jarrell who looked to keep up with the leader. It took Brooks a few more laps to work by Jacob Linkiewicz and Poleske but he worked his way up into 3rd by lap 49.

This deep into the green flag run, the field had spread out nicely around the 3/8 mile track but there were plenty of individual battles through the field. Jeff Ramsdell worked his way up to 6th followed by Brian Tedeschi who wasn’t too far behind. Todd Garren fell back early but worked his way back up to 8th. 2013’s NASCAR iRacing Champion, Tyler Hudson had to start at the tail end of the field due to the handicap system, but he worked his way up into 9th as Matt Rolfe battled closely behind him, before Rolfe spun out during the run giving the 10th spot to Stan Bragg Jr. But the run stayed green and the field looked to battle it out in the closing laps.

Back out front though, Majeski had worked out to a full second lead. The yellow flag would fly on lap 95 for just the second and final time which would end the 86 lap green flag run. This would bring Majeski around to take the checkered and yellow flag, giving Majeski his 2nd win this week after he picked up the Legends win on Monday too. Majeski was able to work to the front all the way up from his 15th place starting position. Jarrell started 17th and finished in the 2nd spot, followed by Brooks in 3rd who had started 18th. The handicap system worked in full effect tonight as the top guys were able to work their way up to the front from deep in the field, as other cars who had started up front were able to hang on for top 5 finishes. Poleske finished in 4th from his 2nd starting spot, and Jacob Linkiewicz finished out the top 5 from 6th. Tedeschi ended up finishing 9th on the night after his late spin, but he hangs on to a 24 point lead in the standings.

  1. Ty Majeski
  2. Trey Jarrell
  3. Justin Brooks
  4. James Poleske
  5. Jacob Linkiewicz
  6. Jeff Ramsdell
  7. Todd Garren
  8. Tyler Hudson
  9. Brian Tedeschi
  10. Stan Bragg Jr.
  11. Clay Snider
  12. James Linkiewicz
  13. Matt Rolfe
  14. Darrell Hamlin
  15. Scott Dunlap
  16. Matthew Eddy
  17. Mike Belanger
  18. Mac Cowan
  19. Russell Berry
  20. Ken Belanger
  21. Anthony Celentano
  22. Jonathan Mawhinney
  23. Ray Farlow
  24. Kenny Lindsley
  25. Herman Reynolds (DNS)
  26. James Moss (DNS)

Next week the series stays up in New England as they visit the Stafford Motor Speedway for a 100 lap event.

For full results and standings, click HERE.