Jarrell Continues Streak With Legends Win



The NEO Racing News Legends league made their first ever trip to the Iowa Infield Legends Oval tonight to start off week number three of the season. A record number of 22 cars would make laps during practice, with 19 of them actually taking the green flag for the race, but the tight track would prove to be tough for some of the cars.

The event started out with Trey Jarrell making his first Legends start and picking up the pole position. He would lead the field to the green and jumped out to the early lead with the rest of the pack in tow behind him. With tight corners and small straightaways, the yellow would fly a few to many times on the night. While the racing was tight and action packed, the race never really got a chance to get a long green flag lap run in with the race being just 60 laps.

Jarrell would have a few different drivers line up next to him on the restart which seemed to be the only chance anyone had at passing him. Mike Rhyno had a couple shots at it, same with Jared Fountain, but it was Brandon Osborne who had the last shot at it as he restarted 2nd over the last couple restarts.

But no one had any chance at getting by Jarrell on the short runs, and he was able to hold off the field to pick up his 1st career Legends win, and his 5th consecutive league win that he’s been in. Osborne would hang onto the 2nd spot, while Clay Snider kept a clean car and worked his way up to 3rd after starting 13th (he would also take over the points lead). Fountain was able to work back up to the 4th spot after an incident earlier in the race, while Patrick Hahe stayed within the top 10 and worked his way up to a 5th place finish.

  1. Trey Jarrell
  2. Brandon Osborne
  3. Clay Snider
  4. Jared Fountain
  5. Patrick Hahe
  6. Matt Rolfe
  7. David Cassidy
  8. Mike Testa
  9. Brian Tedeschi
  10. Mike Rhyno
  11. Joshua Kotten
  12. Brian Gavin
  13. Jake Poulin
  14. Jarrett Lawrence
  15. Ronald Williams
  16. James Linkiewicz
  17. Ken Belanger
  18. Kenny Lindsley
  19. Christian PaHud

Next week the series makes it’s first trip to the new Circuit of the Americas for a 15 lap race on the East course.

For full results and standings, click HERE.