Bragg Powers To First Win at Irwindale



The SK Shootout Series joined the Legends division last night at Irwindale, as they would run on the outer configuration of the track for their 100-lap feature event. 31 drivers would bring their SK Modifieds out to the track, but only 30 cars would start the race, and Stan Bragg would lead the group with a time of 18.140 seconds to grab the pole over Bill Martin in 2nd.

Bragg would jump out the lead on the initial green but a quick yellow on lap 2 would slow the field. On the restart, Bragg once again got a good start, and as the field began a decent 10 lap run, Bragg would extend the lead to over 1 second. Kevin Myers would move up to 2nd during the run ahead of Martin, while TJ Graves and Anthony Celentano ran within the top 5 early. A caution on lap 17 would slow the field again and set them up for another restart on lap 22.

The field would tick off another 10 lap run, and agin Bragg would pull out to the lead, and he would continue to get smaller out of the other driver’s windshields as he pulled out to nearly a 2 second lead. Myers settled into 2nd again while Graves was able to move up ahead of Martin, with Ryan Borges crashing the party and working his way up into the top 5. Other drivers running within the top 10 included Celentano, Chris Stewart, Ray Farlow, Dale Owen, and Jared Fountain. A couple of quick cautions would come out over the next portion of the race, before another 10 lap run would happen following a lap 50 restart.

Again Bragg powered to the lead, but this time Myers was able to hang with him for a number of laps before Bragg was able to pull away slightly. Borges moved his way up into 3rd on the restart followed by Graves and Celentano. Much of the top 10 stayed the same throughout the run, except for Mike Rhyno, Brandon Simmons, and Patrick Hahe making appearances in the tail end of the top 10.

While the field was able to put together some short runs in the first half of the event, the second half was a different story as cautions would fly more often as the race wound down. On each restart, Bragg would have no troubles regaining the lead, until lap 80 when Myers got a good start and put the pressure on Bragg for the lead. They would run side by side for two laps, with Myers getting a nose out front for a single lap, before Bragg would battle back and take the top spot. And after the close call of losing the lead, Bragg would make sure he wouldn’t lose it again over the final couple restarts of the race.

The final caution came out on lap 96 of the event, and Bragg would come around to take the checkered and yellow flags to pick up his 1st career SARA victory in his 50th career start. Myers would finish off his strong run just one spot short in 2nd, while Borges was able to hang within the top 5 all race long and finished 3rd. Dale Owen had another good run in 4th, and Chris Stewart would move up to round out the top 5.

1. Stan Bragg
2. Kevin Myers
3. Ryan Borges
4. Dale Owen
5. Chris Stewart
6. Darren Daves
7. Patrick Hahe
8. Huston Hamer
9. Matt Rolfe
10. Todd Cousins
11. Jared Fountain
12. Brandon Simmons
13. Ray Farlow
14. TJ Graves
15. Timothy Finnegan
16. Anthony Celentano
17. Todd Sipe
18. Dave Coursol
19. Ken Belanger
20. Bill Martin
21. Ian Layne
22. Dante Curtis
23. Reggie Evans
24. Mike Ryhno
25. Jerry Goff
26. Devan Rittall
27. Cameron Hobbs
28. JayJay Day
29. Colin Allman
30. Patrick O’Neill
DNQ: David Carpenter

Next time the division hits the track on October 27th, they will be at Stafford for a 100-lap feature event.

After two races, Stan Bragg sits at the top of the point standings, leading Kevin Myers by just 6 points. For full results and standings, click HERE.