2019 Fall Mini-Season Schedule & Information


In addition to our 2019/2020 Winter Season which is set to begin in November, we will also be running the 2019 Fall Mini-Season starting September 23-26 thru October 14-17. Here are the division lineups, schedules, and session information for all of the 2019 Fall Mini-Season divisions:

Monday Nights - Dirt Night

Monday nights will continue to be Dirt Night, and we'll run the Dirt Street Stocks, Midgets, 410 Winged Sprint Cars, and UMP Modifieds at a few different tracks. Dirt Night will continue to be fixed setups for each car, and will start each week at 9:30 PM Eastern with our standard Heat Race formats.

Fixed setups (Fuel may be added to some fixed setups)
Sessions open at 9:30 PM Eastern, Heat Races at 9:45 PM
Standard Heat Race formats with random draw lineups
Dynamic Weather

Round 1 - September 23 - Dirt Street Stocks at The Dirt Track at Charlotte
65 Laps - Late Afternoon Race

Round 2 - September 30 - Dirt Midgets at Kokomo
50 Laps - Afternoon Race

Round 3 - October 7 - 410 Winged Sprint Cars at Knoxville
35 Laps - Night Race

Round 4 - October 14 - UMP Modifieds at Volusia
75 Laps - Sunset Race

Tuesday Nights - Legends Doubleheaders

On Tuesday nights for the mini-season, we'll switch over to the Legends cars to run doubleheaders each week. The first race of each doubleheader will be on road courses, with second half running on legends ovals. Since the road courses are first each week, we'll open up practice early at 9:15 PM Eastern to allow some extra practice time, and then qualifying will start at the normal 9:45 time slot. The second race will directly follow the first.

Open setups
Road course races first, Oval races will directly follow the RC finish
Sessions open at 9:15 PM Eastern, Qualifying at 9:45 PM
Open 8 minute qualifying for road courses, 2 lap Time Trials for ovals
Second race each night is expected to start at approximately 10:25 PM Eastern
Dynamic Weather

Round 1 - September 24
Race 1 - (New) Charlotte Road Course Medium - 20 Laps
Race 2 - (New) Charlotte Legends Oval - 60 Laps

Late Afternoon (road course), Sunset (oval)

Round 2 - October 1
Race 1 - NHMS Road Course - 20 Laps
Race 2 - NHMS Legends Oval - 60 Laps

Late Afternoon Races

Round 3 - October 8
Race 1 - Las Vegas Road Course Long - 25 Laps
Race 2 - Las Vegas Legends Oval - 60 Laps

Afternoon Races

Round 4 - October 15
Race 1- Daytona 2007 Short Road Course - 30 Laps
Race 2 - Iowa Infield Legends Oval - 60 Laps

Late Afternoon Races

Wednesday Nights - K&N / National Series

On Wednesday night we'll try out the New Tire Model V7 that just recently came out on the K&N/National car. This series will visit a couple tracks that are on the real life K&N schedules and will feature fixed setups. Sessions for the K&N series will open up at 9:30 PM Eastern.

Fixed setups
Sessions open at 9:30 PM Eastern, Qualifying at 9:45 PM
2 Lap Time Trials
Dynamic Weather
One extra set of tires each race

Round 1 - September 25 - Phoenix 2008
100 Laps - Late Afternoon Race

Thursday Nights - Super Late Model (Super Series)

And finally on Thursday nights, our Super Series will be featured...but with a twist. All invited drivers to the Super Series, plus a few drivers from the Contender Series that will try out, will show up each week without knowing the tracks or the format each week. The track on the schedule won't be announced until the session launches, and we'll switch up the format each round such as heat races, full field inverts, or who knows what else! Since the conditions will be unknown until drivers show up, we'll also open up practice for this series at 9:15 PM Eastern to allow some extra track time to work on setups.

Invite Only
Open setups
Sessions open at 9:15 PM Eastern, Qualifying at 9:45 PM Eastern
Qualifying formats will be random and will not be announced until the sessions go up
Track schedule is also random and will not be announced until the sessions go up
Dynamic Weather

Round 1 - September 26
100 Laps - New Smyrna

Round 2 - October 3
115 Laps - Lucas Oil Raceway

Round 3 - October 10

Round 4 - October 17

Special Halloween Super Late Model Event - October 31

Anytime we ask drivers what tracks they would like to see on our Super Late Model schedules, there are always a few that have suggested adding a road course into the mix. With Halloween coming up in just a few weeks, we thought it would be the perfect time to see who has what it takes to turn both left and right, or who will get scared off during the 60 Minutes of Horror at the ROVAL.

Super Late Models
Fixed Setup (a custom fixed setup will be provided closer to the event)
Open to all drivers
Non-points race
Sessions open at 9:15 PM Eastern, Open Qualifying at 9:45 PM Eastern
Race will be a 60 minute timed event
More info to be added #soon.