2014 Fall Season Opens – Drivers To Watch



A new season of racing at Sim Auto Racing Association is about to get under way tonight as the Legends take the stage to start off the season. Here are some drivers to keep an eye in this season as we get things under way.

First off, our Champions from last season. These drivers put together some strong seasons in the Summer Season to pick up their titles, and they’ll be sure to work just as hard to defend them.
Ty Majeski – Ty dominated in the Pro Late Models last season (as well as winning races in the other divisions) and he capped off his dominant season by picking up his 8th win in the season finale to seal the deal. We should expect no less from Ty this season as we look for him to continue his winning ways.
Jacob Linkiewicz – Since joining SARA, Jacob has put his cars near the front of the field in every race and always looks to be a contender for wins. Despite not picking up any wins yet however, Jacob put together a solid season in the SLM division to grab the title, and we look for him to continue his consistency again, and hopefully pick up that first victory.
Matt Rolfe – Matt won not one, but two championships last year as he took both Acceleration Series titles, as he defended his Legends Championship, as well taking the Street Stock championship. Rumor has it that Matt is unable to race the first two weeks of the season, but he’ll be sure to work his way up through the standings over the remainder of the season.

Here’s 20 other drivers to watch this season, with a small comment about each driver (no particular order):
Clay Snider – Clay is one of our most consistant drivers in the league, and he’s usually consistently within the top 5 or 10. Look for much of the same this season as he’ll be battling up front.
Josh Kotten – Josh has been a strong contender in the Legends division and normally finds himself near the front. If he can kick it up just a notch, he could be contending for that title.
Mike Rhyno – Mike joined a little late last season in the Legends, but put together a strong season and looked fast everywhere. He too could be a contender for the title.
Patrick Hahe – Patrick is another consistent driver who has finished 3rd or 4th in each Legends season, and could very well contend up front and battle for wins.
Todd Cousins – Todd ran well last season and was often in the top 5 or top 10 throughout the season, we look for him to get better each race and work his way up into some top 5 finishes.
Travis Warling – It’s no doubt that Travis is fast in a Legends car, especially on road courses. We expect much of the same, and if he were to put in a full season, he could also be contending for the title.
Brian Tedeschi – Brian is a driver who is plenty capable of putting his car up front in every division, and he contended for the SS title. We look for him to continue up front and maybe pick up a couple more wins.
Justin Brooks – Justin sits atop the League Wins list with 20 wins, and we wouldn’t expect anything else from him as he often puts together some dominating performances.
Adam Jordan – Adam started off his SS season pretty hot as he was battle for the points lead but fell back late. We expect him to get on another hot streak and contend for the SS title.
Dale Owen – Our Lucky Dog last season, Dale snuck in a couple of Legends wins while having strong runs in all our divisions. This season Dale could put himself up front to pick up more wins if he keeps improving.
Mike Belanger – One of our longest current members, Mike has run into some bad luck in some races, but he knows how to get his car up front and should be a front runner in many races.
Bill Martin – Bill is another driver who is fast enough to be up front in every division he runs. He picked up a late win in the SS at IRP, but he should be up there battling for more this season.
Stan Bragg – Stan, like Bill, can be a front runner in any car, and while a win eluded him last season, he’ll be in contention to pick up at least one this season.
James Linkiewicz – James, like his brother, is another consistent driver and knows how to run up front, but a win still eludes him as well, but we look for him to turn that around and pick one up.
Anthony Celentano – Another longtime SARA member, Anthony knows how to run near the front of the field. We look for him to put together a strong season, and maybe pick up another win in his stat column.
Matt Eddy – As Matt nears the 100 starts mark, last season he quietly put together a really strong season in the SLM. If he continues to get solid finishes, he could put himself near top of the standings again.
Kevin Myers – Kevin is known for being a top short track driver, but he hasn’t had much luck in picking up a SARA win yet, but that could be just around the corner as he’ll be running near the front.
Trey Jarrell – Trey set the SLM division on fire at the beginning of last season before missing a couple weeks and coming up just short in the standings. If he runs a full season, the SLM field could be in trouble.
Fred Moreau – Fred knows how to put his car near the front of the field in the SLM division, and with that, a win could be just around the corner for him as well, and he could be in contention for the title.
Ty Spearman – Ty has surely ran into some bad luck in the SLM division, but he’s fast and if he can stay out of trouble, he could be a front runner each week of the season.

These are just a few of many drivers to watch in SARA. We pride ourselves in having some of the best drivers on the iRacing service, and if the list above doesn’t prove that, then we don’t know what else would. And there’s plenty more drivers that we could add to the list to make it even stronger. But with the season starting very shortly, many other drivers will be looking to make their own mark and start off the season with a bang.