2020 Fall Brawl Favorites, Dark Horses & Qualifying Order


The Super Late Model portion of the 6th Annual H&H Sign Supply Fall Brawl Classic gets underway tonight as over 50 drivers will unload at the North Wilkesboro Speedway for Toxic Media Solutions Pole Night. Before drivers attempt to qualify their way into the 250-lap main event, we have ranked the drivers from the "Favorites" to win it all, down to some "Dark Horses" who would steal the show.

Here's how we stacked up the entry list:

(*These rankings are for fun, unofficial, and for entertainment purposes only. Drivers are listed in ABC order by first name, in each category.*)

The Favorites

The drivers listed below will be expected to be seen at the front of the field, leading laps and contending for the win. These 7 drivers combine for over 175 career victories and 11 championships in SARA competition, and will each be looking to add their names to the list of Fall Brawl Winners.

- Alex McCollum - In SARA's first Super Series race at North Wilkesboro, it was Alex that picked up the victory, and he recently added another Super Series win just two weeks ago. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 24th

- Cody Kelley - Cody has consistently been at the front of the field in Super Series competition the past few seasons, including a pair of wins in the Spring/Summer Season. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: N/A

- Colin Allman - Colin is the defending Fall Brawl champion and is looking to repeat this year. He has also been strong as of late with two wins and a 2nd at some of the other flat tracks on the Super Series schedule this season. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 1st

- Devon Morgan - Devon is the two-time defending Super Series champion and is coming off a win just last week at Langley. He was one of the front runners in last year's Fall Brawl and ended up with a podium finish. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 3rd

- Jimmy Mullis - Jimmy is a former Super Series champion and finished 2nd at North Wilkesboro this past Summer. He has also been in contention for a Fall Brawl win on more than one occasion. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 2nd

- Ryan Kuhn - Since being moved up into the Super Series halfway through last season, Ryan has a pair of wins and has yet to finish outside of the top ten in 12 starts in the series. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: N/A

- Ryan Matthews - If it wasn't for a blown motor at Oxford this season, Ryan would have 28 straight top ten finishes in the Super Series, which also includes 3 wins during that stretch. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 7th

In Contention

The drivers listed below should be expected to have solid runs and will likely run near the top half of the field. Under the right circumstances, it wouldn't be a surprise if any of these guys ended up in victory lane or on the podium.

- Daniel Pope II - Although his recent finishes might not be as high as he'd like, Daniel often qualifies well and runs towards the front of the field in Super Series competition.  - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 12th

- Jacob Harberts - Jacob recently picked up the season-opening win in the Super Series at Myrtle Beach, and is often running inside the top ten each week. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 9th

- Max Cookson - Max picked up his first Super Series win last season, and can also usually be found running inside the top ten, as long as he stays out of trouble.

- Parker Retzlaff - Parker dominated in the Contender Series last season, which included a win at North Wilkesboro, but has hasn't been able to translate that into Super Series success, yet.

- Parker Traves - Parker has very quietly put together a strong season in the Super Series, with a handful of top five finishes already, and could continue that trend this week.

- Ryan Doucette - Although Ryan's starts in the Super Series have been sparse lately, he is a former Fall Brawl winner that knows how to get it done and will be looking to add a 2nd win. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 1st

- Thomas Axsom - Thomas has been piling up some wins in our Contender Series has been near the top of the charts in qualifying this season as well, which will be helpful tonight.

- Trevor Edwards - Trevor is another past Fall Brawl champion looking to add a second win to his name, but he's admittedly struggled in qualifying recently which could hinder him in this event. - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 1st

- Treyten Lapcevich - Treyten is another driver that's had recent success in our Contender and Late Model series with a bunch of wins, including a LM win at North Wilkesboro a couple weeks ago.

In The Mix

The drivers listed below should have a good shot at making the race, and as long as they qualify, the could have some decent runs. They may or may not contend for the win, but someone on this list could definitely break thru for a strong finish.

- Adam BenefielBest Fall Brawl Finish: 12th

- Briar LaPraddBest Fall Brawl Finish: 19th

- Camaron Hamilton - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 12th

- Donald ClarkBest Fall Brawl Finish: 15th

- Dylan BatesBest Fall Brawl Finish: 14th

- Fred MoreauBest Fall Brawl Finish: 31st

- Hugo Paquet

- Keith MedeirosBest Fall Brawl Finish: 26th

- Kyle SouzaBest Fall Brawl Finish: 7th

- Landon Pembelton

- Matt Kocher

- Nicolas Moreau

- Robbie Kennealy

- Tyler Shadduck

- Will DrevickyBest Fall Brawl Finish: 20th

Dark Horses

The drivers listed below were voted on as Dark Horses for the event. For some on this list, simply making the race might be a challenge. However if they do transfer into the race, they have the potential to steal the show with a strong run.

- Aaron Abendroth

- Adam Josselyn - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 21st

- Ben NileBest Fall Brawl Finish: 27th

- Brandon Hughes

- Brian Korlacki

- Brian Tedeschi

- Donovan Strauss

- Garrett KonrathBest Fall Brawl Finish: 9th

- Jake Matheson

- James Wenzel

- Jason Warren

- Kade Greene

- Keith Jeffery

- Kyle Odaynik

- Matt Eddy - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 9th

- Matt Rolfe - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 6th

- Mike Steffan

- Richard Murray

- Robert Thorson

- Rs Senter

- Russell Berry Best Fall Brawl Finish: 16th

- Samuel Fontaine

- Samuel Roush - Best Fall Brawl Finish: 5th

Time Trials Qualifying Order

  1. 9 Garrett Konrath -  Nexxus eSports
  2. 26 Keith Medeiros - Front Stretch Mafia // Studio 10 Wraps, National Roofing
  3. 14 Ben Nile - Downeast Chassisworx // T&B Transport, TMS, Downeast Chassisworx, ACC Garage, Nitro Trailers
  4. 1 Robbie Kennealy - Reaper Speedlab/Legacy Esports // WileyX, Buttkicker, Abruzzi
  5. 37 Tyler Shadduck - Laduke-Matthews Racing
  6. 18 Donald Clark - Zero9 Motorsports // Icon
  7. 43 James Wenzel - Nexxus Esports
  8. 11 Will Drevicky - Zero9 Motorsports // Sunnyside Honda, Z9 Race Shop
  9. 65 Aaron Abendroth - Zero9 Motorsports // Living Alloy Games, Z9 Race Shop
  10. 10 Camaron Hamilton - The Association // Taylor-Hamilton Insurance, DMC Auto
  11. 33 Hugo Paquet - Zero9 Motorsports // Racing Design
  12. 21 Kyle Odaynik - EFS Motorsports // EastWest Promotions
  13. 88 Keith Jeffery - Jim Beaver eSports // Fistful of Bourbon, General Tire
  14. 99 Robert Thorson - Thorson Racing
  15. 19 Kade Greene -Front Stretch Mafia
  16. 32 Trevor Edwards - Laduke-Matthews Racing // Maconi Setup Shop
  17. 13 Samuel Roush - Dynamic Autosports // iRacing, Midwest Powersource
  18. 32 Jason Warren - Zero9 Motorsports // Warrens Utility Buildings
  19. 15 Max Cookson - Max Cookson Racing
  20. 80 Jacob Harberts - LaDuke-Matthews Racing
  21. 42 Parker Retzlaff - Ponsse, Eco Tracks, IronHorse Loggers
  22. 8 Richard Murray - Bandits // Hedges Excavating, Helger's South Coast Power Equipment, Chukran Auto Parts
  23. 19 Briar LaPradd - LockDown Racing // Ledford Billiard Supply
  24. 67 Colin Allman - Front Stretch Mafia // Racecar Engineering
  25. 75 Cody Kelley - The Association // TP3D
  26. 83 Adam Josselyn - Tifosi Racing // 83 Media & Recording, iRacers Lounge Podcast, Reaper Speedlab
  27. 669 Mike Steffan - Money Makers Motorsports // High Impact Entertainment, Michael Steffan Design
  28. 16 Daniel Pope II - Zero9 Motorsports // TB Enterprise
  29. 112 Devon Morgan - Laduke-Matthews Racing // Maconi Setup Shop, Barber Ford
  30. 91 Samuel Fontaine - Money Makers Motorsports
  31. 88 Matthew Eddy - Eddy Performance Solutions, Joes Transport, Howe Raqcing
  32. 15 Nicolas Moreau - Zero9 Motorsports // CRD construction, EzWebSolution
  33. 911 Brian Korlacki
  34. 0 Matt Rolfe - T4X // H&H Sign Supply
  35. 4 Russell Berry - T4X // JB Trucking, Autoworks MD, T4X Chassis
  36. 51 Donovan Strauss - Horizon Racing Team // JDR Graphics
  37. 25 Dylan Bates - Zero9 Motorsports // R&S Automotive, John Crist Racing, TB Enterprise
  38. 29 Brian Tedeschi - The Posse // EPYK Media, High Line Designs, Racecar Stengineering
  39. 111 Brandon Hughes - Money Makers Motorsports // Highway 50 Auto Sales, Hughes Motorsports
  40. 1 Alex McCollum - Zero9 Motorsports
  41. 0 Landon Pembelton - Laduke-Matthews Racing // Pembelton Forest Products, GXS Wraps
  42. 32 Treyten Lapcevich - Legacy eSport // Reaper Speedlab
  43. 51 Ryan Matthews - LaDuke-Matthews Racing // Carbon Racing Solutions, S&M Automotive Service, Pembelton Forest Products
  44. 60 Parker Traves - Zero9 Motorsports
  45. 110 Rs Senter - Front Stretch Mafia // Studio 10 Wraps, Rs Trucking, FSM Chassis Works
  46. 52 Jake Matheson - Nexxus eSports // SignWorks New England
  47. 13 Thomas Axsom - Ryan Kuhn Motorsports // Berniers Liquors
  48. 40 Jimmy Mullis - Lockdown Racing // Coca-Cola Energy, Sunoco Racing, Sim Seats, Richmond Raceway, JDR Graphics
  49. 72 Ryan Kuhn - Ryan Kuhn Motorsports // Berniers Liquors, Everetts Auto Parts, Trent Goodrow Designs
  50. 83 Adam Benefiel - Team Conti
  51. 5 Fred Moreau - Zero9 Motorsports // Construction CRD
  52. 20 Matt Kocher - Ryco Motorsports // Ryco Motorsports Setups & Paints, Buttkicker, Shockeye12 Shocks, Houdini Engineering
  53. 77 Ryan Doucette - Nexxus Esports // Viper Graphics, Norton Racing Design
  54. 7 Kyle Souza - T4X // Souza Media