Warren Wins In Photo Finish – Elliott, Ashby & Boyd Also Win


Sim Wrap Market Contender Series

Late Model Stock Cars
April 19, 2023
South Boston Speedway
150 Lap Feature
Overall Pole Winner: Guillaume Fortin (14.898 seconds)

Split 1 Summary

Race Winner: Jacob Elliott – Started 1st (invert), 150 laps led, 1st career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -2.298 seconds

Top Five: Daniel Silvestri (2nd), Josh Parrish (3rd), Spencer Dickinson (4th), Jacob Hayes (5th)
Hard Charger: Jacob Hayes – 9 positions gained (14th to 5th)

Split 2 Summary

Race Winner: Jason Warren – Started 5th, 117 laps led, 1st career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -0.007 seconds (6th closest finish in league history)

Top Five: Landon Rapp (2nd), Blake Throneburg (3rd), Kendrick Kreyer (4th), Tyler Price (5th)
Hard Charger: Kyle Souza – 11 positions gained (17th to 6th)

Split 3 Summary

Race Winner: Jeremy Ashby – Started 3rd (invert), 51 laps led, 1st career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -0.510 seconds

Top Five: Evan Seay (2nd), Aaron Johnson (3rd), Mark Blessing (4th), Cody Dempster (5th)
Hard Charger: Robert Belshaw & Devon Rogers – 7 positions gained each

Split 4 Summary

Race Winner: Rocky Boyd III – Started 3rd (invert), 101 laps led, 3rd career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -0.126 seconds

Top Five: Daniel Folds (2nd), Bryan Hacker (3rd), Rick Roob (4th), Matt Rolfe (5th)
Hard Charger: Ken Zeames – 13 positions gained (20th to 7th)