English, Axsom, Boyd & Ely Score South Boston Victories


Davis Chassis Works Contender Series

Super Late Models
July 20, 2022
South Boston Speedway
150 Lap Feature
Overall Pole Winner: Rs Senter (14.379 seconds)

Split 1 Summary

Race Winner: Shawn English – Started 1st (invert), 52 laps led, 1st career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -2.530 seconds

Top Five: Rs Senter (2nd), Steele Lankford (3rd), Shawn Cool (4th), Aaron Abendroth (5th)
Hard Charger: Chris McKenna – 9 positions gained (17th to 8th)

Split 2 Summary

Race Winner: Thomas Axsom – Started 21st, 32 laps led, 9th career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -0.539 seconds

Top Five: Wally Wilson (2nd), Guillaume Fortin (3rd), Spencer Dickinson (4th), Del Mears (5th)
Hard Charger: Del Mears – 12 positions gained (17th to 5th)

Split 3 Summary

Race Winner: Rocky Boyd III – Started 6th, 49 laps led, 1st career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -0.442 seconds

Top Five: Matt Rolfe (2nd), Shane Williamson (3rd), Austin Thiel (4th), Brian Tedeschi (5th)
Hard Charger: Austin Thiel – 8 positions gained (12th to 4th)

Split 4 Summary

Race Winner: Kyle Ely – Started 3rd (invert), 144 laps led, 4th career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -0.380 seconds

Top Five: Aaron Johnson (2nd), Hunter Herriott (3rd), Jason Warren (4th), AJ Rogers (5th)
Hard Charger: Ryan Nardone – 7 positions gained (14th to 7th)