Cool, Mombourquette, Kreyer & Matheson Win Contender Openers


Davis Chassis Works Contender Series

Super Late Models
June 22, 2022
Five Flags Speedway
150 Lap Feature
Overall Pole Winner: Shawn Cool (15.871 seconds)

Split 1 Summary

Race Winner: Shawn Cool – Started 4th (invert), 157 laps led, 5th career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -0.265 seconds (GWC Finish)

Top Five: Wally Wilson (2nd), Campbell Delaney (3rd), Kaleb Hall (4th), Mathieu Tremblay (5th)
Hard Charger: Steven Henning – 16 positions gained (24th to 8th)

Split 2 Summary

Race Winner: Dustyn Mombourquette – Started 3rd (invert), 156 laps led, 1st career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -0.637 seconds (GWC Finish)

Top Five: Spencer Dickinson (2nd), Danny Thomson (3rd), Cullen Roberts (4th), Bryan Hacker (5th)
Hard Charger: Danny Thomson – 5 positions gained (19th to 3rd)

Split 3 Summary

Race Winner: Kendrick Kreyer – Started 14th, 23 laps led, 1st career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -1.281 seconds

Top Five: Joe Schaffer Jr. (2nd), Jared Jackson (3rd), Cayden Lapcevich (4th), Kyle Myer (5th)
Hard Charger: Kendrick Kreyer, Matt Eddy – 13 positions gained each

Split 4 Summary

Race Winner: Jake Matheson – Started 1st (invert), 159 laps led, 3rd career SARA win
Margin of Victory: -0.414 seconds (GWC Finish)

Top Five: Shane Williamson (2nd), Eric Tracy (3rd), Chris Roma (4th), Rick Roob (5th)
Hard Charger: Josh Oswald, Nick Meloche, Geoffrey Souza – 8 positions gained each